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With a slight change of direction Edie’s Wedding mixes things up for season 6 of Archer while featuring both new and returning guest characters. This episode also marks the first time that any of Pam’s family is seen on screen. Voiced by Allison Tolman (Fargo) Edie, Pam’s jerk of a sister, is getting married and asked Pam to be a bridesmaid. Not the Maid of Honor. This causes Pam to have a breakdown. Archer has to work around a sobbing Pam in the office’s kitchen, displaying a sense of physical humor unlike most other animated shows, while he Irish ups his coffee. By the end of the scene Archer, seemingly against his better judgement, offers to be Pam’s date at the wedding to help stifle at least some of her families badmouthing.

Archer and Pam head to the airport to catch a plane to Wisconsin where Archer’s long time nemesis Barry the cyborg spots him and begins to follow the “couple.” Multiple cyborg jokes ensue. Once Archer and Pam arrive at their motel for the wedding Edie makes her first appearance on screen. There is no doubt that she is Pam’s sister. Before the two women even speak to each other they are brawling in the motel room while an amused Archer watches. Pam can certainly punch, but Edie seems to take the abuse and give it back, possibly even harder!


While Pam deals with her family issues Lana has been attempting to find a weekend sitter for her newest family member. She asks Mallory to watch AJ and is turned down. Mallory and Ron are apparently “back together” and having a romantic weekend together… Ray runs away before Lana can ask him. She won’t ask Cheryl for the baby’s own sake and Krieger, making a ray gun that makes people defecate in their pants, is clearly also too unstable to watch AJ. Eventually Cyril crosses paths with Lana and offers to take care of the baby in a motel near the survival camp Lana must attend. Lana is unsettled by his offer but with her back against the wall she accepts. Cyril tells AJ that he has ulterior motives, a desire and will to sleep with Lana again, while the three are driving to their motel/survival school. This plot line will surely become something of a running gag and recurring story line this season. Things are going to get awkward and weird.


Back in Wisconsin Barry kidnaps Pam after she flees her motel room not wanting to be around Edie any longer. He then calls Archer telling him where to meet him or Pam is going to die. Archer ends up having to knock out and kidnap Edie so that she can tell him where Barry is going. This is where the Terminator references start making their appearance. When Archer and Edie arrive to save Pam in he has a shotgun in a box of flowers. Judgement Day anyone? Pam is tied up in a fashion that will be familiar to anyone who has seen Terminator: Salvation. While Barry and Archer fight it out Edie, being the crappy sister, proceeds to insult the tied up Pam rather than help. This all continues with a slew of puns and jokes until Barry insults Edie. Edie attacks Barry in a fit of rage and Pam, using her freakish strength, breaks out of her bindings. She grabs the shotgun using it to save her sister from the cyborg. Archer, apparently wiser now, had loaded the shotgun with explosive shells. Barry is the most damaged he has ever been by the end of the episode. The metal skeleton below the skin is exposed and guess what? He looks nearly identical to the T-series robots from Terminator!


Overall this episode had everything a fan has come to expect. There are great running jokes, hilarious references to earlier seasons, fan-favorite returning guest characters, subtle movie references and over the top action. The new character of Edie was amusing if nothing special. The potential for the character is high and will likely become funnier as she is explored more in the future. Unfortunately most of the characters still feel underutilized this season. After the last few seasons that had not only featured but often focused on the supporting cast they had seemed to become as nearly integral to the show as Archer and Lana. This season it feels as though they are getting left behind, acting more as sounding boards for the main two and becoming one note shticks. Hopefully this will change soon but as far as negatives go that really isn’t a big one for a single episode! As always this season the animation is top notch with subtle posture changes and movements making the physical comedy and the action sequences both hilarious and awesome! Archer continues its reign as one of the funniest shows on TV today.

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