ARCHER “Nellis” Episode Recap

Nellis opens with Archer calling Carol asking for help. Following the events of the last episode Sitting Archer went on a bender in Vegas and needs help getting home. Unfortunately due to drunken outbursts he has been added to both the no-fly and no-train lists (yes there is a no-train list). To get Archer home Carol uses her Sky Tunt private Jet to pick him up. Of course the rest of the team came with Carol and the pilot, Ray. Apparently Krieger and Pam talked everyone in to heading to the country festival in Branson.


On the way to the country show Ray flies over Area 51, otherwise known as Nellis Air Force Base. Pam pesters Ray to fly closer to the base so they can get a better view. Ray eventually obliges her and flies a little too close. The plane is hit with a ground to air missile. Chaos ensues and Ray lands the plane at Nellis due to a lack of options. Once landed the Air Force set up a defensive perimeter around the plane with guns drawn and demand everyone exit the plane. Archer soon realizes that he knows Slater’s CIA Q clearance security phrase and has the rest of the team pose as his prisoners to convince the Air Force that he is on a CIA mission.

Things get even more ridiculous as the team ends up in a bar/break room in the base and Archer begins to make drinks. Pam and Krieger were the two most interested in Area 51 while on the plane and are subsequently the only two to see the aliens that accidentally walk into the bar (there is a bad joke in there somewhere). They end up running out into the rest of the base looking for the two aliens! Eventually an alarm goes off. Krieger and Pam were spotted and in her classic style Pam smashed a soldier’s face in. The aliens show up again impressed by Pamela’s intelligence! They communicate with Krieger and Pam using telepathy and after a funny Scanners (a David Cronenburg) reference from Pam the Aliens reveal all the secrets of the universe to the two humans. This causes them to have mental breakdowns! Archer, after beating up a handful of soldiers in one of the coolest action scenes yet finds the two freaking out just missing the aliens. The team then meets up, steals an Air Force airplane and makes their getaway.


During the rest of the team’s ridiculous adventure Lana is left alone in the office to converse with Mallory. The older woman ends up offering Lana an inordinate sum of money to rename AJ as Mallory! Of course Lana refuses and Mallory eventually begins to sob quietly. Whether the crying is real or not is left up to viewer interpretation. Surprisingly Lana gives in a little, offering to change AJ’s middle name to Mallory. The money is still on the table but Mallory lowers the initial offer. Overall this episode was another solid entry for the series. The large gang adventures continue to be some of the strongest and funniest episodes. Again the animation was great with one clearly exceptional action scene to top it all off. Though there weren’t as many running jokes this episode the plethora of references, including the well placed Bluth stair car from Arrested Development, were hilarious!

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