ARCHER “Sitting” – Episode Recap

Sitting features Archer taking care of AJ for the weekend as Lana heads to a retreat. This marks the first time that AJ has been left completely alone with Archer. Things start out as expected, with Archer looking for alcohol as soon as Lana has left his new apartment. He even creates a new drink as Woodhouse had not stocked the bar and he was left with very few mixing options. Everything soon turns sour as Slater shows up with a bullet wound in his shoulder and a Pakistani defector named Farooq.

Slater leaves Farooq under Archer’s protection explaining that there is a mole in CIA that he needs find ASAP. After some small talk Farooq, now holding AJ, determines that Archer does not have a gun and pulls his own gun on Acher. At first Archer thinks that Lana set the whole thing up to force him in to calling her back from her retreat early. Farooq shoots Archer in the shoulder, effectively ending any delusions that the situation is fake. Using AJ as collateral Farooq forces Archer to take him to HQ so he can hack in to the CIA database. Things take an interesting turn when Archer and Farooq arrive at HQ and learn that there are other people still in the building on a Friday evening.


Archer introduces Farooq as his “manny” to the team who have met up to play their monthly poker game. He and Farooq then head to the mainframe where Archer is proceeds to take his sweet time accessing the system. Kreiger thinks that Archer was acting strange and asks the group if they should go check on him. This is something that seems out character for Krieger, reinforcing the idea that he is in fact a Krieger clone! Pam is the first to arrive at the mainframe and sees that Farooq is holding a gun to Archer’s head. Archer, thinking quickly grabs Farooq and keeps his gun pointed away from everyone telling Pam to grab AJ. Pam snatches AJ and proceeds to act like a gorilla, hilariously fitting for the character, running from the room by jumping desk to desk and plowing right through Cyril as she makes her way to the roof. Some funny King Kong jokes ensue.


In this moment Archer proves that he is very protective of his new baby as he promises to beat Farooq to death with a monologue filled with cool rage abnormal for the character. Farooq still has a gun though and Archer along with Cheryl, Ray and Cyril all end up having to take cover behind the desks in the office. They spend a brief moment to remember Brett who would have undoubtedly soaked up some of the bullets being fired. As things wrap up Lana arrives and Archer learns that he was right from the get go! Farooq wasn’t supposed to have live bullets, though it may be a good thing he did otherwise Lana’s scheme would not have worked. Archer is seen again in rare form as he leaves the office mumbling, confused and upset in a strangely genuine way.


This episode was very well balanced with great returning jokes and call backs to Brett and Rodney the old armory supervisor who is now an arms dealer! The animation, after being somewhat underutilized last episode, steps up yet again featuring amazing subtle movements and fast action paced dynamic shots. Having Archer working directly with the support cast, even if only briefly, is always great fun and this episode was no exception!

Do you think Archer will hold a grudge after this episode?

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