GLEE: “The Hurt Locker Part 2” Review

I really thought I’d get through the last season of Glee without getting mad. I really did. But I was wrong. In the follow up to last week’s strange episode, we pick up at the exact moment we left off: The end of Vocal Adrenaline’s performance at the already too long Invitational. Sue (Jane Lynch) gets up to announce the rules, which are completely arbitrary. She announces that The Warblers and New Directions will perform the subsequent days, prompting one Warbler to complain that the Invitational was a week long…was the last episode supposed to all take place in the same day? Because they’ve got some serious powers of bending time and space if it was.

Sue also points out that New Directions needs twelve members to compete and right now they only have four. So Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) go on a mission to recruit. Well, Rachel does. Kurt gets trapped in a fake elevator with Blaine (Darren Criss) in a creepy and misguided attempt by Sue to get “Klaine” back together. Naturally, it doesn’t work, though the chemistry between them is still there.


As for the recruitment drive, Rachel tries to bring Kitty (Becca Tobin) back into the Glee Club family, but Kitty brings up the very valid points that Rachel is a quitter, Sue will never let the Glee Club stick around, and Kitty doesn’t want her heart broken again. In an episode full of crap, this was one of the few good moments. Rachel convinces her to join anyway, and together they break into Sue’s computer to find songs that Sue is emotionally vulnerable to. Because somehow, that makes sense.


So, the Glee Club now has five members. Only seven to go! This task is given to Sam (Chord Overstreet), who is still under Sue’s hypnotic influence, tries to give Rachel truly awful song selections for the Invitational, and then hits on her again. She is able to snap him out of it and he goes off on a mission to recruit seven people.

He gets one. And this is where I start to get angry. He goes and finds Spencer (Marshall Williams, who is, of course, going to join the Glee Club: that was never in doubt), and it looks like he’s going to make a deal with Spencer: in exchange for joining Glee Club, Spencer gets to be starting quarterback. This would have made sense, and been good character development, but instead Spencer is reluctant, since apparently, he’s always wanted to join, but didn’t want to be seen as gay.


Here’s where I have huge issues with the writing on this show. In the first few episodes, it is established that Spencer is a post-Modern Family gay, he is completely out, has no problems, and if anyone has a problem with his sexuality, he’ll kick their ass. He doesn’t want to join Glee Club because he has no interest in it, not because he’s worried about looking gay. WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE’S SAYING NOW!!!

Glee has embraced it’s own inconsistencies in the past, but to me, this is unforgivable. Things like Glee Club members disappearing and reappearing at will, or storylines being forgotten and picked back up again pale in comparison to this. In the final season, you’re introducing us to five new characters and asking us to embrace them and love them the way we have the original cast members. And for Spencer, you gave us a premise, and now you’re telling us that this premise is completely false, not through character development, but because it’s convenient for you. Glee has reached a new low in it’s storytelling, and it pisses me off.

Oh, and with only six members, New Directions “wins” the Invitational, because even Sue can’t still to her own rules anymore. Rachel and Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) make up after realizing that Sue was messing with them, and it looks as though the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline is either going to sabotage Mr. Schue or transfer and join the New Directions. Either way, I’m over it. I tried to be optimistic about this final season, Glee, I really did, but you are making it way too hard.

Anyone else as outraged as I am?

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