GOTHAM “The Blind Fortune Teller” Recap

First thing first: Gotham is still on a hot, hot roll.

As the show speeds towards its Season One finale, promising even more possible Joker information and the arrival of The Red Hood Gang as well, the freshman crime drama is finally getting it right. The last several episodes have been very consistent, giving us more criminal underworld than we could ever ask for, and more A-List Bat bad-guys than you can shake a cape and cowl at.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this week we met The Joker.

Everyone hold on just a second. As an avid Bat-fan of comic, television, and film, I personally (and I know I’m in the minority here) think we need to take the huge revelation in last week’s “The Blind Fortune Teller” with the proverbial grain of salt. If anything, the fact that the show runners are implying we have now met the future Clown Prince Of Crime should be enough for us all to stake a step back: this kid from the circus is most likely not Batman’s arch-nemesis. Producers have not outright told us we have seen The Joker, and to say that introducing him now would only be jumping the shark would be a gross understatement. Plus, the entire setup was just a bit…underwhelming…to be the actual man himself. It’s too soon, kids, I’m sorry.


But this is only a gut feeling. I have no industry inside info, no magic Gotham Joker origin story from which to prove my point. Only a feeling. And most of us know that there is no ONE Joker origin backstory – he has had several. So let’s see how it all plays out in the next few weeks, and we will come back to this intriguing development at the season’s end.

The rest of the show this week anchored down the Gordon / Dr. Thompkins love angle, just in time for Barbara to return to Gotham. And Fish has taken over as the leader of whatever situation she is in. Her story has been a distraction as of late, but I feel once we see who’s really in charge, the person Fish is meeting next week, business will pick up.


Oh, and Bruce laid the smackdown on the Wayne Enterprises Board, and we also met The Flying Graysons, and in the process we saw Robin’s parents fall in love. This show is full steam ahead, kids!

Fans, are you ready for the end of Gotham’s stellar first season?

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