GOTHAM “The Scarecrow” Recap

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: if you aren’t watching Gotham, or you have friends who refuse to tune in, then you are all missing out. Gotham continues to grow and become the show that it had hoped to be from the outset: a dark crime drama, with the famous Gotham City as it’s landscape, complete with organized crime and our first true look at how Batman’s greatest foes got their start. it’s all starting to come together for Gotham, and I for one could not be happier about it.

Last week’s episode entitled “The Scarecrow” was about just that: the birth of the Scarecrow villain. We got to see a young Jonathan Crane tortured en route to face his fears, in order to conquer them. His father, instead, drives Jonathan mad, sending him into a constant state of fear. Dear old dad had created the very first fear toxin in Gotham City, and he forced his son to take all of it in hopes he would cure him of being afraid. Instead, he may be officially out of his mind. But so this stage is set – will Jonathan continues his father’s work if he is ever “cured” from the overdose? This is one of the most intriguing examinations of a Gotham villain since the show began last fall.

And what else did we get this week? Only this:

The Penguin meets the future Riddler, and immediately puts him in his place amongst the pecking order. While Mr. Nygma is certainly not one to take orders, The Penguin eventually becomes the crime boss of Gotham City, and The Riddler is a hired hand of sorts. But this was a great scene, and Gotham continues to deliver these fun fan-boy moments for those of us who keep coming back for more of a show that has finally found its footing.

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