HEROES Star Milo Ventimiglia Coming to GOTHAM

Yet another star from a nerd-popular television show is making an appearance in FOX’s Gotham. Heroes alum Milo Ventimiglia is expected to ditch his heroic roots and make a killer performance before this season is out.

Milo Ventimiglia_1Ventimiglia has been cast in a recurring role, playing Jason Lennon, aka the Ogre. He is expected to star in a multiple-episode arc starting with Episode 19.

The Ogre is an entirely new villain in the Gotham series, and everywhere else in the DC canon (finally). He’s described as a handsome man with plenty of wealth and seductive prowess under his belt. As a serial killer, the Ogre has been preying on Gotham’s young women for almost a decade. He lures them into his web of temptation and lies and confronts them with a series of “tests,” all in hopes of finding his perfect mate. Of course perfection is nigh impossible, and hard to maintain. When his subjects fail to live up to his standards, the Ogre disposes of them.

I bet you two whole dollars that Lennon is going to abduct either Dr. Thompkins or Barbara. The latter is more likely, she’s ever only been a useless damsel in this series so far…

[via The Wrap]

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