How to Get Away with Murder: “She’s a Murderer” Review

Things are heating up on How to Get Away with Murder as the investigation into Sam’s disappearance takes a new turn: his body is found. That’s all the information that Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) needs to accuse Annalise (Viola Davis) of murder, and she will stop at nothing to make sure that Annalise goes down, even to the point of lying on the witness stand to get the police a search warrant for the house.


Naturally, all the students are freaking out, none more than Connor (Jack Falahee), who thinks Annalise is more concerned about a case than she is about her promise to protect them. But she pulls him aside and convinces him that his best option is to trust her, since without her, prison is a certainty.

Meanwhile, Wes (Alfred Enoch) is distracted by the disappearance of the former tenant in his apartment, Rudy. He is obsessed with the fact that Rudy just up and disappeared, leaving no forwarding address, not claiming his security deposit and not telling any of his family that he moved. After all, he left gouges in the wall behind the bed, and Rebecca (Katie Findlay), once again, knows more than she’s telling about the whole affair.


While avoiding the police, who have many questions for her, Annalise is working on a case to dismiss drug trafficking charges against a mafioso that has her on retainer. And while everyone seems shocked that Annalise is working a case instead of grieving, and using that fact to throw doubt on her claims of innocence, Annalise reveals to her ex-cop boyfriend Nate (Billy Brown) that if she stops working, Sam wins, and she can’t have that.

So she does what she does best. She, with the help of the students, proves that the FBI set up the drug bust, using entrapment, which is illegal, and gets the case thrown out in a rousing speech lambasting the US Government. A lot of passion from a woman who is holding a lot of emotion inside with very little outlet.


After all, she has to keep a straight face as the cops come and search the house for evidence, swabbing every surface to try to find traces of blood. But Annalise and the students did a good job of covering it up. The only thing that is found is the scales to the trophy that were missing. Bonnie (Liza Weil) steps right in to clear that up for the cops, and they are none the wiser.

Bonnie, however, knows what’s up. She’s sees the students sneaking off in a group and whispering together. She sees the looks between Annalise and Frank (Charlie Weber). And she reads the ME report on Sam’s body, putting together that the trophy is the murder weapon, the rug from the house is what was used to transport the body, and the woods behind campus is where the body was disposed of. Pretty smart thinking on Bonnie’s part. But that’s no surprise, really. Throughout the entire series, she’s been the quiet observer in the background. She’s not great in court, but she sees things that others miss simply because she pays attention. And she tells Annalise that she won’t get away with covering up Sam’s murder. Not if she keeps protecting the students.


So Annalise does what she has to do. The police find a ring in the woods. Naturally, when this information is released, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) starts to lose her mind, since she lost her engagement ring in the woods. But when the police bring Annalise in to identify the ring, it turns out to be Tom’s wedding ring. Annalise had Frank plant it in the woods. And that’s not all. It has a fingerprint on it. And that fingerprint belongs to Annalise’s ex-cop lover, Nate.


That blew my freaking mind. Never in a million years did I expect Annalise to set Nate up to take the fall for Sam’s murder. Though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since she’s the one that got him fired from his job in the first place. But still, that is cold.

I was also surprised to find that there was no “flash forward/back/sideways” structure to this episode. It was the first episode where that was the case, and while I don’t think the show suffered for it, I did miss it. Those flashes always reveal interesting things, sometimes about the plot, but mostly about the characters. True, this episode was far more about Annalise than any of the students, but I still missed the structure.

I’m also finding that while the show is still excellent, I find myself missing the “mystery” element in this mystery/thriller. For the first nine episodes, all you want to know is “Who killed Sam?” But we know that now, and now we’re just watching as the group tries to get away with it. It’s all thriller, no mystery. And while I love a good thriller, part of what makes a good thriller is that mystery component, that twist of a revelation of information right at the end the either makes everything make sense, or turns everything on its head. Only time will tell if there’s something like that coming.

Only three episodes left…do you think they’ll get away with it?

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