IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “The Gang Misses the Boat” Episode Recap

The Gang Misses the Boat begins exactly as the title states as the gang misses the boat that Dennis had gotten them all invited to. He reveals that he had to talk to some women for hours as though it was a hard accomplishment. Knowing him it probably was. Dennis driving the rest of the crew in his Land Rover can see the boat just a little ways off in the distance when they arrive at the river bank. He decides he is going to drive after the boat unwilling to let the boat get away! Though not always a man of his word Dennis does drive the car after the boat and straight into the river. The car driving into the river and “drowning” acts as a perfect foreshadowing of the rest of the episode.

After regrouping at Paddy’s Dennis forces the gang to confront some of their issues as he highlights how weird they have all become. Dee is always dressing up as characters, which she had done that very day making them late to the river. Frank is always bank rolling stupid schemes and ideas, pushing them further and allowing the gang to mess around without worry of costs. Mac cuts off Dennis’ ranting as he claims that he has stopped getting laid all the time because of Dennis and the gang. Eventually Mac storms out, claiming he’s tired of the rest of the gang. Frank storms out soon after leading Dennis to come to the realization that he is perpetually angry, a very insightful moment for the character. As Dennis attempts to walk out of the bar calmly Charlie and Dee decide to go get lunch.


While at a small diner Charlie and Dee discuss some of their many issues. They agree that they are both pushed and bossed around by the other guys and have developed self defense mechanisms that often have them attacking one another. Charlie helps Dee decide not to leave through a window as she helps him not order chicken beak with his sandwich. When left to their own devices and with each other’s help these two become normal, calm and happier people. Eventually they bond over def slam poetry and end up taking their mutual attraction to the next level!

Mac also finds romance, or so he says. While out clubbing he comes across a woman, a “10” according to the gang, who he then convinces to go out with him. They show up at Dee’s apartment where Mac shows her off to the rest of the cast before sequestering themselves to the bedroom. After multiple coming out of the closet jokes at Mac’s expense the gang learns that Mac has been getting his “girlfriend” to pretend they were a couple and make sex noises to throw off the gang as he could not get it up for her. The Mac being gay theory is furthered once again, upsetting only Mac. Frank met a surrogate gang, featuring two men and a woman that had just bought a bar earlier. For the duration of the episode he attempts to turn these new bar owners in to his old crew, forcing schemes on them and eventually ruining their lives. Frank apparently did not want to change himself or his life at all and instead just tried force everything back to the way it was.

Dennis works hard at staying calm and collected while he tries to sell his sunken car. He succeeds in fending off the rage that he is so prone to for a little while. Soon enough everything comes crashing down as he is unable or unwilling to sell the car to some prospective buyers. The rage filled monologue that accompanies his breakdown is amazing and sure to be considered a classic Dennis moment for the season. He heads back to the bar to ask if everyone would be willing to go back to the way it was, with their schemes and delusions. Frank arrives at Paddy’s with the same idea. Charlie and Dee, unsettled by the way they spent their night quickly agree as they want to forget everything that happened. Mac also agrees with the reset idea, embarrassed by his failed fake sex scheme.


This episode is both hilarious and clever. Nearly all the major quirks of the characters were not only addressed by the characters themselves but accepted. Some critics site the characters and formula of the show as being too repetitive with the cast never learning from their mistakes (even though the show has only a loose running narrative at best). This episode adresses those complaints, admitting to them, accepting them and in a way giving them the finger. A great episode, with superb acting and excellent writing. This season of It’s Always Sunny shows no sign of making a misstep!

Did you like this episode of It’s Always Sunny? How long do you think Charlie and Dee will be able to keep their secret?

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