LADY KILLER #2 Is a Solid Kill – Comic Review

Lady Killer has been selling faster than Dark Horse can print new issues. For those of you that missed the first issue, don’t worry, there is another printing coming within the next few weeks. The second issue (of five) excels at establishing the direction and form of the mini-series. Similarities in pacing and structure between the two issues are immediately apparent, but the great art along with new characters alleviate the lack of character and narrative progression.

Laura Allred‘s colors in this book are great. While the first half of the first issue used selective reds for highlighting dramatic effects, reveals and violence, the first half of this issue is predominantly red. Even the majority of the cover is red. This change is noticeable and increases the tension of the second issue “first act fight” from the last issue’s. Joelle Jones‘s dynamic angles in his panels coupled with great inking creates an amazing sense of movement and speed. The action is superb. Josie’s bright garments and her associate Peck’s dark, nearly black suit and tie mirror each other’s working attitude lending an interesting visual tone to their verbal back and forth.


Though, the conversations between Josie and Peck are somewhat entertaining, they are fairly one note. The Peck character does not grow this issue, though, he does briefly assist Josie while delivering a message to her from their mutual boss. Josie agrees to meet with Stenholm, the boss, where after a late arrival he elusively threatens her while questioning her loyalty. The conversation and dynamics between Josie and Stenholm is predictable and nothing new. It adds nothing original to the comic but continues to progress the story down its familiar path. A neighborhood friend is the only other new character this issue. The pregnant woman (who is shown smoking a cigarette) and Josie crack a few jokes during their conversation adding some lightheartedness to the story, as well as building on Josie’s cover story.

Josie’s pregnant friend makes her appearance at the end of the issue when Josie is back home and dealing with her family. This is the same way the first issue ended, and it is safe to assume that this will remain the formula for most of the series. New issues will open with a killing/assassination while the second half will involve family time while business semantics (mission dossiers and information exchanges) scattered throughout. This straightforward format makes this issue (coupled with the previous) feel like an old TV sitcom which works great for this series! The episodic feel lends itself to the repetitive nature of the narrative and the somewhat hollow characters.


Though this book is nothing ground-breaking, Jones seems to know exactly what it is, where it should go and how best to translate it. So far the art has been spectacular with amazing inks and color pallets rare to the comic book medium. The characters lacking personalities are not destructive to the story while the format and pacing seem well suited for the book. As a fun second issue filled with action and some new characters, this installment of Lady Killer is a success in its own right.

Lady Killer #2
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Written by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Art by Joelle Jones
Colors by Laura Allred
Letters by Crank!
Cover by Joelle Jones & Laura Allred

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