UPDATED: Now’s the Time for Marvel to Give Us the Second Spider-Man

Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1_TextlessSpider-Man is the super-awkward nerd who gets to be the super-awesome hero. His clever quips are as fast as his Spidey senses, and his smarts and ingenuity are something to behold for a person in his teens or twenties, depending on which comic you’re reading. We raved over the first two Sam Raimi movies, but then shook our heads with disgust at the third, and we hummed with indifference at the last two reboots starring Andrew Garfield. Jaded as we might have become over the last few years, we at Agents of Geek couldn’t help but squee with delight upon hearing that Marvel now has joint custody with Sony over one of its most iconic comic book characters. We’re all still a bit apprehensive over the fact that Sony technically has majority rights on Spider-Man, but we’re fighting that with extreme optimism; Marvel Entertainment will have a stronger influence on how to treat this character. That said, now would be a superb time to introduce Miles Morales, Marvel Comics’ second Spider-Man.

Miles Morales was first introduced when Marvel killed off the Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker in 2011’s “Death of Spider-Man” story arc. Half black, half Latino, Miles is intellectually similar to his predecessor. In contrast of Peter Parker, Miles battles with an existential conundrum after learning about his his father and uncle’s amoral past. Is criminal behavior hardwired into a person from birth just waiting to come out? Is he really a bad person trying to be good? After his uncle’s death, this personal crisis become even more of an issue.

Miles’ books weren’t a huge hit in sales despite the initial critical success. The character endured, however, and still remains to be a significant fixture in the Ultimate Universe. He’s even showing up in the cartoons, voiced by Community’s Donald Glover.

I personally don’t know a whole lot about this hero apart from what I’ve gleamed from the many conversations among friends who actually do read his books. He’s a fascinating character to say the least, and my impression is that he has been an enjoyable successor to Peter Parker so far.


All the more reason to introduce Miles to the general movie-going public. Here’s why:

  • Over the last 13 years, we’ve had five Spider-Man movies. Two of them are origin stories. I really don’t think I can stand another origin, guys. Not even a teeny-tiny side story to introduce the Peter Parker character. If Marvel and Disney want to be bold and stand apart from Sony’s valiant attempts, they should skip over Peter Parker entirely and start with Miles Morales. That’s what they’re doing with Captain Marvel. Why should this be any different?
  • Marvel and Disney have been pushing to diversify their heroes in both the comic books and the movies. Bringing Miles into the MCU fold would certainly be a logical choice.
  • Bringing Miles into the MCU would be a chance to tell a story most of us haven’t heard yet. Sure, his uncle eventually dies too, and the kid’s just as nerdy as his predecessor… STILL! Miles is ripe for the picking and he doesn’t have as much narrative baggage as Peter does. Plus, I can only imagine that the general public is barely aware of his existence, if at all. Marvel/Disney can do virtually anything with this character.

Will there be pushback from Peter Parker fans, racists, and trolls on the internet? Of course. It’s the internet. Peter Parker is someone with whom everyone is familiar. Miles Morales means change, and the less sensible hate change. However, the latter’s introduction would be a step in the right direction diversity-wise and story-wise. I can only imagine that the books would sell better afterward, as well.

Do you think Marvel/Disney should keep Peter Parker or bring in Miles Morales? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE: I completely forgot about the upcoming Civil War movie. That was a huge storyline for Peter Parker in the comics. Luckily, one lovely follower reminded me and then added what Marvel/Disney/Sony could do with the Peter Parker and Miles Morales transition in the MCU. You can look at the tweets below. I’m in concurrence with this scenario if we must get Peter Parker one more time.

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