ORPHAN BLACK POP! Figures Arriving from Funko

Are you ready Clone Club?

Funko is releasing Orphan Black POP! figures and they are based on the clones! The series will include Sarah Manning, Helena, Rachel Duncan, Alison Hendrix, and my favorite Cosima Niehaus.

Cosima Niehaus


There is also a sixth figure which can only be picked up at Hot Topic. Rachel Duncan with a pencil in her eye.


A pencil. In her eye.

I am excited for this set! I’m going to be able to start my own clone army!

You can pick up the figures later this month at you local Hot Topic until May 2015. Afterwards, they will be available at other retailers.

Will you be collecting all six Orphan Black clones or just picking up your personal favorites?

[via: Nerdist News]

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