Snow Queen Menace Finally Captured in South Carolina

Inhabitants living in the Northeast are being snowed in on a daily basis with the coldest winter on record. That cold has been creeping in towards the South, dropping its temperatures down to a bitter 32 degrees Fahrenheit. (Yes, that’s super cold to us). We now know that this cold is being caused by the Snow Queen herself, Elsa. She made an appearance this week in Hanahan, South Carolina, just outside of North Charleston.

elsa arrested in south carolina-2Police Chief Mike Cochran and Officer Flor Reyes made the arrested when they spotted her freezing a fountain. However, she was freed after a bond court hearing after the ice, and any evidence they needed to convict her, melted away. You can go to ABC News 4 for more pictures of Elsa’s arrest.

The Snow Queen walked out of court with a feeling of triumph in her heart. We’ll get you next time, Elsa!


This fun local story was set up by Glass Slipper Productions, a local event planning company that provides princesses for birthday parties and such for little girls. Julie Calafiore, who works at Glass Slipper, said thought it would be a fun thing to recreate here in the Lowcountry after seeing a warrant out for Elsa at a Kentucky police department.

The photo shoot was put together in a matter of minutes with the enthusiastic cooperation from the Hanahan police department. As of 11 a.m., the event had been shared nearly 500 times, including over local news outlets.

The actress playing Elsa is Courtney Fazley from West Ashley, and the photographer is Tammy Sakalas of Sakalas Photography.

[source: ABC News 4]

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