STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Call to Action”

Somehow, like Agent Carter, Star Wars Rebels seems to get better and better each week. This weeks episode proved even more that Star Wars Rebels isn’t just a kids show. It’s made for everyone.

To kick off the episode, we’re introduced to Tarkin arriving to Lothal. He’s afraid of the Rebels and fear they’ll be a hindrance to the Empire. This means that the Rebels need to be eliminated, so of course, more action ensues. Side swipe to the left and the Rebels are speeding away from some Stormtroopers in pursuit. I mean, they did just steal a crate of supplies.

Soon we learn that Trayvis has declared his loyalty to the Empire. After hearing his message, Kenan gets an idea to broadcast their own message to all via an Imperial Communications Tower. This means that the Rebels need to do what they do best: sneak around!¬†While trying to sneak in, they come across an Imperial Probe Droid. Doesn’t sound too nice, huh? While contemplating on how to exactly sneak around to get to their speeder bikes, Ezra used the Force via Lothal Cat to attack and destroy the droid! It’s quite the feat. I’m so happy they decided to showoff more of the Lothal Cats though. They’re my favorite.


The plan is to have Chopper upload the Rebels message. Going through all this trouble to upload a message for all to hear may seem pointless, but it’s not. The rebels are the “Mockingjay” of the show if you will. They possess what everyone’s too afraid to do: be brave. They’re rebelling, not to just rebel, but to show that they’re not weak and won’t be over powered. That’s why I love Rebels so much. It shows to standup for what you believe in and to never back down.

But of course this whole mission seems a bit easier said then done, but thankfully, the Rebels realize from the very beginning, that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. During this mission, they prove successful (Huzzah!), but Kenan, trying to help Zeb and Ezra, stays behind and has to face The Inquisitor. All the while, Hera saves the others, and decides to take off without Kenan… well, because Kenan. It was either be captured or take off without Kenan. This leads us into the next scene where the Rebels message plays! Their message is about hope and sticking together. Thankfully, the messages finishes before the Empire destroys the Imperial Communications Tower.


This also leaves a cliffhanger: what will become of Kenan? The Star Wars Rebels season 1 finale is March 2nd, so I’m really excited to see where it goes.

Did you enjoy “Call to Action”?

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