Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #1, a Different Band of Mutants – Preview

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #1 kicks off a new four-issue miniseries in IDW Publishing‘s TMNT universe tomorrow, Feb. 25. Writer Paul Allor and artist Andy Kuhn return to the TMNT-verse to bring together Old Hob, Slash, Mondo Gecko, Herman the Hermit Crab, and Pigeon Pete to help a friend who’s gone missing and go up against a mysterious new entity known as The Null Group.

“IDW and all the creators involved have done an amazing job introducing the Mutanimals into this universe,” said Allor. “It’s very exciting to see them get their own mini-series, and an absolute honor to be the guy writing it, especially since it means working again with artist Andy Kuhn. Every TMNT tie-in and mini has offered the readers something new and awesome, and we hope to continue that streak on TMNT: Mutanimals.”

Hardcore TMNT fans will remember it’s not the first time the Mutanimals had their own series. In the early ’90s, a different roster of mutants were featured in a series published by Archie Comics. I’m placing my bet on this new series from IDW, though. Check out the preview pages below to see what I mean, and check back for a review of TMNT: Mutanimals #1.

TMNT Mutanimals Cover TMNT Mutanimals pg01 preview
TMNT Mutanimals pg02 preview TMNT Mutanimals pg03 preview TMNT Mutanimals pg04 preview TMNT Mutanimals pg05 preview[Source: IDW Publishing]

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