Skipped last week as there was only one book on my pull list! It was tragic… Back with a new weekly pull list and a healthy balance of singles, trades and even a deluxe collection!

Ei8ht-01Ei8ht #1

Dark Horse Comics
Rafael Albuquerque (w/a)

The first issue in this new series from the more than talented Albuquerque (American Vampire) features a chrononaut names Joshua trapped in the Meld. What exactly is the Meld? A horrible sounding dimension where chances of survival are slim at best. Doesn’t sound too bad though right? Oh yeah, Joshua’s mind was wiped when he traveled into the Meld! This is sure to be  a fun and beautifully rendered sci-fi read!








Constantine TPB Vol. 03 The Voice in the Fire

DC Comics
Ray Fawkes (w)
Aco (a)

The collection featuring Constantine’s story immediately following Forever Evil is finally here! Constantine has succumbed to the Cold Flame and now must deal with the ramifications!

Collects Constantine #13-17 and Constantine: Future’s End #1








Multiversity Mastermen #1.7

DC Comics
Grant Morrison (w)

Jim Lee (a)

Earth-10 features a world directed by the Nazi regime after being lead to victory by the superhuman (Superman) Overman in WWII! 60 years after the war’s end the Freedom Fighters arise to fight off the Nazi oppressors! Will Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady and Black Condor be enough to save the world from Leatherwing and Blitzen from Earth-X? This marks the return of some of the past’s “alternate universe” DC heroes to the current publication multiverse (New 52)!







Scalped HC Book 01 Deluxe Edition

Vertigo/DC Comics
Jason Aaron (w)

R.M. Guera (a)

The awesome hardcover deluxe version of this series is finally here! One of my personal favorite series by Aaron features Dashiell Bad Horse back home on his childhood reservation. On the surface the only thing that has really changed since his childhood is the new casino. With the casino came drugs and organized crime though. It is up to Bad Horse to make a change, for better or good!








Tooth & Claw #4 

Image Comics
Kurt Busiek (w)
Ben Dewey (a)

The great champion has left for the time being leaving the ruined city vulnerable. What will the citizen’s do to survive the night and day? Who will survive a likely attack from the night hunters?! This series has been an absolute blast and should be read by fantasy fans of any and all kinds!








Bitch-Planet-03Bitch Planet #3

Image Comics
Kelly Sue DeConnick (w)

Robert Wilson Iv (a)

This issue takes a stroll down memory lane for Penny Rolle featuring a special guest artist for the flashback! Read this great review for the issue right here!









Drifter-04Drifter #4

Image Comics
Ivan Brandon (w)

Nic Klein (a)

There is a killer in Ghost Town as monsters wander as Pollux continues to try to understand just what has happened to him. This is arguably one of the prettiest books currently being published and a must read for comic art fanatics! With a fun and fast story and interesting concept this series is a current top 10 for this reader!








Manifest Destiny #13

Image Comics
Chris Dingess (w)

Matthew Roberts (a)

A new story arc begins here in one of the strongest issues for the series yet! Read a spoiler free review by yours truly here!










Rumble #3

Image Comics
John Arcudi (w)

James Harren (a)

This is a must read book for any Hellboy fans! I love everything about his book! Another spoiler free review by yours truly right here!










Silk #1

Marvel Comics
Robbie Thompson (w)
Stacey Lee (a)

Cindy Moon gets her own book with this new series! Straight out of the Spider-Verse events where she worked along Spider-Woman to save many iterations of Peter Parker. Silk, alone in New York attempts to find her past and work toward her own future. Spider-Man fans need to check this new book out!







Be sure to check out the reviews posted on the site for comics this week that were not in this pull list! There is something for everyone!

What do you think of Silk getting her own book?

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