This is one of the best Weekly Pull Lists that we have had in a while! There are some fan-favorite characters making their first ever appearances in both their own books and the pull list!


Batman #39

DC Comics
Scott Sndyer (w)
Greg Capullo (a)

The second to last issue in the Endgame story arc is here. I won’t say anything here because this story has been too awesome for even the smallest or most speculative of spoilers! Batman fans of all generations and eras need to read this arc!








deathstroke-05Deathstroke #5

DC Comics
Tony S. Daniel (w/a)

Not enough Batman in this week’s Batman? Pick up Deathstroke! This series has been awesome fun and my personal favorite rendition of Deathstroke to date! Super art, packed with fan-favorite characters and an interesting mystery! What more can we ask for?!









JLD-05Justice League Dark TPB Vol. 05 Paradise Lost

DC Comics
J.M. DeMatteis (w)
Andres Guinaldo (a)

This collection deals with the fallout of Forever Evil and the battle between the Trinity of Sin and Blight. Zatana steps up to lead the the team as they head into battle against the Pantheon! Will they be destroyed by their foes or with the JLD destroy themselves? Swamp Thing vs the Pantheon? Who doesn’t want to see that?







SUICIDERS-01Suiciders #1

DC Comics
Lee Bermejo (w/a)

The all-star DC creator Lee Bermejo (Joker, LuthorBatman: Noel) takes readers to a post-apocalyptic city known as New Angeles where killing is the greatest form of entertainment! When the city of L.A. was cut loose by the government the whole city banned together under a flag of entertainment and blood-sport! Suiciders is the TV series that pits people against each other in hand to hand combat surrounded by high tech obstacles where the contestants are enhanced by both drugs and technology! Be on the lookout for Jock‘s awesome variant cover for the first issue!






Orphan-Black-01Orphan Black #1

John Fawcett (w)
Szymon Kudranski (a)

From the co-creator of the hit TV show Orphan Black comes this new miniseries expanding the show’s world! This series promises to delve into previously unseen areas of the conspiracy behind Sarah and her “families” lives! Check out our preview.









Criminal-01Criminal Special One Shot #1

Image Comics
Ed Brubaker (w)
Sean Phillips (a)

This special 48 page one shot celebrates Criminal’s return to print! This is a great place to get a taste of one of this award winning team’s best series for new readers. Returnning readers, well you know why you want this… Teeg Lawless is in jail for 30 days. There is a price on his head. He only has an old comic magazine for company. That’s right, there is a comic in the comic! Be sure to pick this up if you are a fan of Fatale or Fade-Out!






Low-06Low #6

Image Comics
Rick Remender (w)
Greg Tocchini (a)

After a short break this awesome series is back! One my personal favorite new series to hit the shelves in 2014 this sci-fi story is arguably one the top five best looking books in current production! Don’t agree? I don’t care! Stel Caine has one last chance to save the remaining members of her family. If she can get out from under the oppressive and ever watchful Pirate Lord Roin she might have a chance to save more than just her family! This issue marks the end of the first arc!






ODY-C-03Ody-C #3

Image Comics
Matt Fraction (w)
Christian Ward (a)

The Cyclops! How will O and her crew deal with this space beast? You probably have a good idea, but I can guarantee you have never seen it quite like this! Any Homer (the poet not the Simpson) fans need to be reading this book! You will not be disappointed!








Roche-Limit-05Roche Limit #5

Image Comics
Michael Moreci (w)
Vic Malhotra (a)

In the last issue of the first volume of this sci-fi series Alex, Sonya and Bekkah try to find a safe way off of Roche Limit. As the destruction on the colony grows will we learn the secrets of the anomaly? This book is for the more hardcore Sci-Fi fans/readers.








Wic+Div-08Wicked & Divine #8

Image Comics
Kieron Gillen (w)
Jamie McKelvie (a)

With the eleventh god making his entrance things are about to get crazy! This party is going to be like none before it! This issue is sure to be crazy as things are strating to heat up between the fans and their gods! Which god will anger next and what will it mean for the humans who follow and faun over them?! This series is just plain fun! (with some added commentary about today’s society if you wanna look for it)







Men-of-Wrath-05Men of Wrath #5

Marvel/Icon Comics
Jason Aaron (w)
Ron Garney (a)

This is the last issue in the miniseries. Will this be the end for the entire Rath bloodline or just a few members? This series has been fast unadulterated violence that does not pretend to be anything else. If you like action, blood, guns and mayhem this mini-series is a must read for you!









Spider-Gwen #1

Marvel Comics
Jason Latour (w)
Javier Rodriguez (a)

This is it Gwen fans! The first issue of the new and much asked for series is here! Brought to you by the creative team behind her introduction story in Edge of the Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen must now deal with the fallout of the Spider-Verse series.

Be sure to Check out all the variants for this issue including one from the ridiculously talented Adam Hughes!






Thor-Annual-1Thor Annual #1

Marvel Comics
Jason Aaron (w)
Rob Guillory (a)

Three different stories featuring three different Thors! Mead I say more?









A solid and well rounded list this week! So many series ending and beginning! What a crazy time to be in love with comics!

What do you think of Spider-Gwen getting her own series?!

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