3-2-1: Blast Off! HBO NOW Gearing Up for a Spring Launch

This April sees the beginning of the fifth season of HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones! Based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones is not only known for killing off its main characters without even blinking an eye, but, it is also one of the most pirated shows in television history (more like George Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Martin thanks to piracy, eh?…).

HBO made an announcement last spring, and has continued to elude to having the new streaming service of HBO Now up and running—just in time to tempt everyone who wants to watch Game of Thrones—in addition to other original series.
Since HBO is considered a premium channel, their streaming service is planned to be provided to the public at a premium price. At nearly double the cost of the economical Netflix, HBO Now will be available for $15/month. This, in and of itself, is awfully close to the cost for HBO added to your already existing cable bill. Albeit, it is still less than having a cable package with a plethora of bloat channels only to order HBO on top of it.

It is still unclear as to whether or not all programing will be available, or if HBO Now will be available on mobile devices. The service is looking to be available for X-Box, Playstation, Amazon Prime, Roku, and Apple TV (which is in talks to be a launch partner for the service).

Season five of Game of Thrones begins April 12 on HBO.

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