Oh my glob! The new Adventure Time DVD, “Frost & Fire”, has finally hit stores and it’s all kinds of amazing. But that’s the usual for Adventure Time.

Adventure Time – Frost & Fire features 16 hilariously fun episode of Adventure Time. The title, “Frost & Fire” is taken from the episode of the same name where Finn feeds the flame and the ice. This episode kicks off 176 minutes of pure unadulterated fun! Adventure Time has a really good system to keep you hooked. Great characters, wonderful storylines, amazing voice actors, and only 13 minute episodes make for a hit show. It’s no surprise that Adventure Time has become a staple in the world of cartoons, not only among children, but adults. This is also another key element to Adventure Time‘s success. The shows creators somehow manage to make a show that entertains kids, but also entertains adults with beautiful life lessons (I’m serious, you guys.) and some humor that kids of a younger age might not quite catch.

Adventure Time‘s world and characters are one of a kind. You have Finn (the Human), Jake (the Dog), Princess Bubblegum, LSP (oh my glob), Ice King , BMO (a video game console), Lemongrab (a lemon), and so many other characters, I’ve lost count multiple times!

Adventure Time – Frost & Fire offers fans some of the best episodes from the past few seasons with classics like “Return to the Nightosphere” and “Apple Thief”. The Adventure Time DVD’s are some of the only TV to DVDs I buy because the episodes stand the test of time and can be watched again and again without it getting tiring. Frost & Fire delivers and is definitely worth the $13 it cost. Get more info below on the DVD. No, I’m not secretly trying to persuade you to buy it. It’s just that good. Trust me.


1. Frost & Fire
2. Earth & Water
3. Jake the Brick
4. The Prince Who Wanted Everything
5. Something Big
6. Return to the Nightosphere
7. Daddy’s Little Monster
8. Joshua and Margaret Investigations
9. Davey
10. The Pit
11. Freak City
12. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
13. James
14. Time Sandwich
15. Apple Thief
16. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe

at_v9-ff_3damarayskew_final_rgbAdventure Time – Frost & Fire is out on DVD now!

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