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ARCHER “Achub Y Morfild” Recap

Achub Y Morfild story forms directly out of the last episode Reignition Sequence where Lana found Katya’s woman parts in the sink. Archer explains to her that she went in to a fit of rage and he ended up tranquilizing her (presumably with the new tranq gun he used in Pocket Listing) and then flying her to Wales in an attempt to end their fight with a vacation. Lana is rightfully anger and proceeds to choke Archer while he is driving their car and the couple crash in to a stone wall outside of a house.

The rest of the episode continues the constant back and forth and bickering between Archer and Lana creating one of the weakest episodes this season. The two on the outs lovers make their way the nearby house where they continue their fight. Archer continues to try to explain to Lana that he was not cheating on her. Eventually two men arrive at the house. Archer reveals that there is a work component to their impromptu vacation just as Lana seemed to be coming around. MI5 is after the two men from Wales that showed up and Archer and Lana are supposed to help them hide. Lana leaves in a fit of rage and eventually overhears Archer bragging about Katya. This enrages of course enrages Lana.
When an MI5 operative does show up Lana and one of the other men pose as American tourists as Archer hides with the bigger Welsh terrorist in the closet. When things end up going south with the MI5 Lana reveals her lingerie wardrobe hidden under her coat to the agent and the terrorist. Archer ends up busting out of the closet when Lana starts making out with the terrorist who was posing as her lover. Lana eventually knocks the MI5 agent out as he puts together who she and Archer are. The two Wales terrorists end up turning on them as well and they have to knock them unconscious as well.
The rest of the gang works “together” to fix Ray’s hand. Kreiger installs a cybernetic hand, which appears strangely similar to Conway Stern’s. The whole situation just provides some poor puns and a break from Archer and Lana’s constant fighting. Overall this is one of the weakest episodes the entire season. There are loads of crossover jokes for fans of the show The Americans as one of the co-writers for this ep works on the other FX show. Hopefully the next few episodes get back to whole team dynamic that made Pocket Listing and earlier seasons of Archer so great.

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