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ARCHER “Pocket Listing” Recap

Pocket Listing truly brings the whole team together on a mission for the first time in far too long. Slater arrives at the beginning of the episode sending the extended team on a mission to knockout and steal the identity markers (finger prints, retinal scan, etc.) of the visiting Durhani Prince. The team in this case means everyone other than Malory. Full team excursions have become increasingly rare this season, partially due to the addition of AJ who does not even make an appearance this week.


Slater has very specific roles for each of the team members. Cheryl plays a major role in his plan as she will be showing her mansion to the Prince as his potential living quarters for his stay in the United States. Lucky for Cheryl the Prince’s mother likes to slap people she finds lacking respect! Though Cheryl throws herself in to her character and mission Archer does the opposite. He can’t focus because the visiting Prince’s mother is very attractive. All Archer can think about is attempting to bed her. With his attention off of the mission Archer immediately begins to mess things up. Slater tries to keep the team on track by watching them through the security system Krieger had previously installed. He soon learns that Krieger’s cameras were primarily set up in the many restrooms of the house and are of little help.


Cyril also proves to be of no help as he continues his own personal mission to sleep with Lana. He attempts to make her jealous of Archer by pointing out Archer’s lust for the Prince’s mother and offering himself as a revenge lay for her. Lana of course opts to just ignore Cyril and attempt to sleep with the very good looking Prince. Throughout all the ridiculous sex ploys Pam takes pictures of the main players in varying degrees of nakedness throughout the episode. She is very happy with the new additions to her collection. Ray seems to be the only person from the team that is not overwrought with thoughts of sex. That may be because he has to fend of a giant man eating plant in Cheryl’s garden. Whether this is a giant and ridiculous metaphor or not is left up to viewer interpretation. By the end of the episode Ray is alive but missing an arm in what appears to be his big injury of the season. Maybe there is a cybernetic arm is in his future!


Overall the mission was pretty much a failure but Archer and Lana have gotten back together at least for the time being. This is sure to play a big part in the upcoming episode. Some new running jokes featuring the sounds of male pants tightening look to be on the horizon. Ray’s crazy laughter at the loss of his arm is both alarming and possibly an indication of where the character is heading in the future. Overall this episode was great fun and without a doubt one of the strongest episodes of the season. Archer is at its best when the whole team is not only involved but working together (or against) each other. Hopefully the rest of the season will stick close to this large team format.

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