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ARCHER “Reignition Sequence” Recap

Following the events of the previous episode Pocket Listing Lana and Archer are in the throws a new romance. Reignition Sequence opens with the two love birds eating some burritos in an overly sexual manner. Things escalate and they end up in the broom closet  together, with their burritos. The rest of the office members are simultaneously all discussing how disgusted and annoyed they are with all the “lovey dovey” crap. While Archer and Lana make love the rest of the cast (except Malory) work on their plan to break the couple up.

Archer ends up inviting Lana to his place that night for a home cooked meal. This is a very non-Archer thing to do, which Lana points out. Unfortunately it also gives the rest of the gang an ideal time and location to set their plan in motion. Krieger explained to the group that the best way to tempt Archer would be to tempt him with an ex-lover, someone who has a strong emotional hold on him. Soon enough they have Katya on the phone. To her KGB lover’s confused dismay she quickly agrees to come to their aid and sleep with Archer.


When Archer arrives home with the groceries he plans to make Lana’s dinner with he hears someone in his bedroom. Katya has created a romantic atmosphere with candles, roses and champagne. She immediately begins to seduce him. While all of this is occurring the rest of the team is getting drunk and stoned parked outside of Archer’s penthouse watching everything through cameras Krieger installed and connected to his van. They watch as Archer attempts to fend of Katya, who isn’t taking no for an answer. Eventually after an out of character emotional speech from Archer Katya agrees to leave without getting what she came for.

Archer’s speech not only moved Katya but the rest of the team too. They had just seen Lana enter Archer’s building and with their new change of heart head after her in an attempt to slow her down. Katya is ushered out of the penthouse, using a new grappling hook to leave from the balcony to avoid a possible confrontation with Lana. Cyril ends up slowing Lana down just enough that she doesn’t see Katya but still finds Archer getting drunk in his underwear. She is not pleased and Archer tries to explain that he is not slipping back into his old ways. When she sees the bedroom she is turned on by the romantic if strange scene (a knocked over candle and empty champagne bottle). Just when everything seems to be back on track Lana finds something Katya left behind in the sink and loses it!


There is the ever present multitude of great running jokes and new insights in this Archer! Poor Woodhouse has been missing since he went to rehab which has been forcing Archer to step up his game. Cheryl references Ra’s al Ghul this episode and Krieger admits to killing his  hologram lover every night! Though the focus of the episode is on Archer and his new, serious love for Lana there are jokes abound. Both Cyril and Ray take verbal beatings, and it is great to watch! Archer may be growing up but the rest of the gang sure aren’t!

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