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ARCHER “The Kanes” Recap

Lana’s family is introduced for the first time in this hilarious episode The Kanes! Guest star and fan-favorite voice actor Keith David (GargoylesHalo series, Adventure Time) makes his first appearance in Archer as Lana’s father Lemuel Kane. This season has already added many family members to the extended cast list but this may be the strongest and funniest family oriented episode yet. As Lana heads home to her parents to introduce them to AJ she brings Archer along. She makes it very clear that he is not the focus of the visit and is only present so her parents can talk to the father of her child. Her parents need to understand that she is not interested in dating Archer any longer.


En route to Lana’s parents in Berkeley she explains that her parents are both intellectuals. Her mother is a professor of public policy at the University and Lemuel is a microbiologist in the running for the Nobel Prize! Lana also informs Archer that her parents think she is still studying at University and are unaware of her actual career a lie is willing to kill to cover! In a hilarious flashback scene Archer learns that he met Lana’s parents once before, while black out drunk. He did not make the greatest impression to say the least. The second meeting does not go much better as he continually puts his foot in his mouth and misunderstands a situation involving a hot tub and Lana’s naked parents!

While the Kanes and Archer are trying to deal with the fallout caused by his stupidity someone breaks into the house and steals Lemuel’s work. Archer slows the thieves escape using his gun, which more than upsets the Kanes. After some quick talking Archer, Lana and Lemuel pursue the thieves and their getaway car. The following long chase scene highlights the show’s amazing new art capabilities but for the first time this season focusing primarily on cars. Vehicles, depicted using three-dimensional models and their animation have taken great leaps forward over the past few seasons. The chase comes to a halt when a thief recognizes Archer and reveals himself as Slater. Lemuel decides that he is okay with giving up his life’s work after Slater promises him an undisclosed amount of money each month.


The rest of the team are barely in this episode and provide a series of jokes that are short and sweet. Pam displays her freakish strength as she pulls Krieger’s newly designed van up a hill! Both Mallory and Ray do not make appearances but as the vast majority of the episode focuses on the Kanes and Archer they are not missed. This episode was loads of fun with some great new variations on running jokes and one liners. In the end the Kanes invite Archer to their upcoming family reunion and he accepts. The reunion could make for a great episode and introduction to Lana’s sister, mentioned at the beginning of the season, and a more than welcome return for Keith David’s Lemuel!

Did you catch the new variation of the Danger Zone line?

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