Bring A Bit Of Duckworld Home With These 5 Howard The Duck Items

Everyone who is everyone knows who Howard The Duck is. Unless you’re me.

So I would be lying if I said I had heard of Howard the Duck before the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but the truth is, I hadn’t! After seeing his end credit scene I raced home to do more research and even though I haven’t seen the movie (yet) I noticed that there was an AWESOME wave of excitement about the return of this guy.

Issue 1 of  the Howard the Duck comic was released and with that I thought that I would compile some items that newbie Howard fans like myself might be interested in having. Because let’s face it, if you’re anything like me you tend to get WAY too invested (by fangirl standards) in characters you only just found out about and actually really like. Also, comics tend to be a ‘gateway drug’ for most of us and I know there are people who will flock to any and all Howard merch after reading it!

howard collage


1. Howard the Duck Special Edition DVD – Obviously I haven’t seen it yet but I am pretty sure those of us who haven’t (or have but have yet to purchase it on DVD) might want to snag this guy once we do. And for a whopping $7 on Amazon it’s quite the steal!

2. Howard the Duck T-Shirt from RageOn – For a whopping $50 – $57 (depending on your size) you can own this all over print shirt of Howard. Out of ALL the shirts I found online, this one was my favorite. I like that it looks like the way he does in the film with a hint of an illustrated look to it.

3. Howard the Duck Original Soundtrack (On Vinyl) and Book – Someone on Etsy is selling what looks to be an unopened copy of the OST on vinyl. If you’re lucky enough to own a record player, I would swoop this bad boy up before its gone. It IS $50 but I think some other places online might have it cheaper. However, I liked that this one came with a book because I love books.

4. Howard the Duck Print – This is from artist DeluxeBeardImages on Society6. I don’t know about you but I LOVE art prints. I have so many waiting to be hung but I think I might actually buy this one next! I love the style and I think it’d look fantastic framed! This print will cost you somewhere between $15 and $40 depending on which size you order.

5. Howard the Duck Funko Pop Vinyl – One of the very few things I collect are Funkos. Why I haven’t bought this one yet is beyond me! These make great gifts because they’re small and affordable so if you or someone you know is totally into Howard right now but doesn’t have this guy, I say get him! It is currently $10 on Amazon but prices may vary depending on where you get them.
So while this post was aimed at newbie Howard fans, everything here can obviously be gifts for the more hardcore fans too (assuming they don’t already have them).

Are you a hardcore Howard fan or did you just only hear about him after the jump in popularity after GoTG?

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