Everyday Cosplay: Captain America

Last week I shared with you all an Everyday Cosplay look inspired by Iron Man to help give you some inspiration on what to wear to your midnight showing!

This week I wanted to try something new while bringing you some looks inspired by the star spangled man with a plan, Captain America aka Steve Rogers.

Last time, I created a look for both men and women inspired by Tony’s suit. This time, I created a look semi-inspired by Caps suit for the men, and a look essentially pulled straight from Steve’s wardrobe for the women!


Everyday Captain America

The look for both sides is pretty self explanatory but what I wanted to do this go round was create a more casual look for both sides. Something comfortable yet stylish that can (much like all of everyday cosplay looks) be worn whenever you felt like channeling your inner Steve.

For the men:

I went with Navy as the main color since his suit is made up of that color for the most part. Pulling the red from the shield (and from his previous costume in The First Avenger) I chose to use a letterman/varsity style jacket since not only did I feel it worked but it also just screams at me to be something Steve would’ve most likely worn. Since I couldn’t really find any accessories for men that wouldn’t make the outfit seem off, I just went for a ‘vintage’ style Captain America t-shirt that you can find just about anywhere these days. It also helps bring in his shield a bit more. To cap it all off, I paired the outfit with some black boots.
For the women:

I LOVED this look for Steve. It was one of my favorite ‘casual avenger’ outfits from the film. He looked so handsome! So instead of just trying to copy the same look I did for the men, I thought I would try to recreate this look for women. Essentially, everything is the same! I chose khaki colored skinny pants and paired it with a plaid shirt that has a mix of red, white and blue to pull in that signature Cap feel. For the jacket its just a brown leather motorcycle style jacket and for the boots just a pretty average brown leather boot. Since his outfit in the film was so casual, I thought I would pull in the Cap feel by added a pair of shield earrings.

I honestly REALLY love both looks here and I think they could easily be reversed if the men out there are feeling the look of the one I made for women and vice versa.

Are you planning to dress up for the film?
If so, share what you’re going to be wearing for the film in the comments!

Don’t forget (like you wouldn’t) that Age of Ultron is hitting theaters May 1st!

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