Genericon 2015 Recap!

Well, for my first convention of the year, Genericon 2015 was alright. It had it’s ups and downs, but it’s a cute little con for the younger teenage crowd or maybe convention beginners. Genericon is a mainly anime/tabletop gaming convention that takes place each year at RPI in Troy, NY. It’s kind of local to me, but this is the first year I’ve ever attended.

Honestly, immediately upon arrival at Genericon 2015 Friday night I was confused, the parking situation was confusing and the map on the site was very… cryptic. And no signs anywhere to be seen. The event itself is in a college, and this college is huge and many buildings are involved and without signs I had no idea where to go. Luckily a cosplayer walked by and helped me and my friends find the place. Hopefully next year the map on their website gets updated with some helpful labels.


Genericon also appeared to be pretty short-staffed, but the staff that was there was very helpful. I have a friend that needed a refund because the place has a lot of stairs and isn’t very handicap accessible, and they were more than happy to assist her which I thought was above and beyond kind for a small convention staff.

genericon_1The panel rooms were classrooms, which I thought was cool, although crowded. Sitting at desks was nice and it was a really different convention setting. My friends and I really enjoyed the anime karaoke, and a lot of talented people really got into it.
The artist alley was a whole floor separated into many different classrooms and they had a lot of talented artists there. The stuff in the artist’s alley really varied and there was a lot of selection there (I even got a present for my cat, a catnip filled Master Ball).
The merchant floor was small and overcrowded. There was a line to get in that wrapped down two flights of genericon_4stairs, and when you got in you could see everything in the room. There were maybe 20-30 tables in there? Very small, but it was alright for a teeny tiny convention, and I managed to spend more than I planned on anyway. I found a lot of GREAT anime merchandise there, but I realized that compared to other conventions, it was missing cool T-shirt stands. Darn. Either way there was a decent stuff for how tiny the room was.


Although the convention itself was small, the guests all seemed delighted. It definitely was a younger crowd that most conventions I’ve attended. It’s always great to see cosplays and there were some cool ones there. The greatest thing to see at conventions is people with similar interests getting along and having a good time, and that’s definitely what Genericon had going on for it. I would definitely suggest it as a great beginner con if you’re not ready for a super big one.
See you at Genericon 2016!!


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