GLEE: “Child Star” Review

Now that all the alumni storylines are wrapped up, Glee is turning its focus to the new kids. The fact that this hasn’t happened since they were introduced has been a constant annoyance for me this season, and Kitty (Becca Tobin) summed it up perfectly: “Are we actually going to sing, or are you about to announce an alumnus walking through the door?” For once, they’re going to sing.

Sue (Jane Lynch) wants to be named Principal of the Year, and in order to get a letter of recommendation from the superintendent, she has to have the Glee Club throw his nephew a bar mitzvah party. Turns out the kid, Myron (JJ Totah), is a spoiled brat who likes to perform Beyonce extremely inappropriately.

myron and sue

The Glee kids are assigned to work together to come up with ideas for songs for the party, which provides the backdrop for the new class to actually sing and act on screen for almost the first time this season. Mason (Billy Lewis Jr) wants to sing with Jane (Samantha Marie Ware), because he has a crush on her, but his twin sister Madison (Laura Dreyfuss) is too controlling. So he sings Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” (a surprisingly good performance, since we have never really gotten to hear him belt it out before), and she relents.

Roderick (Noah Guthrie) is getting flack from Sue about his weight, and Spencer (Marshall Williams) takes it upon himself to “help” Roderick, mainly because he wants to date Roderick’s friend Alistair (Finneas O’Connell). Unfortunately, he’s kind of a dick about it and Roderick and Alistair both want nothing to do with him. But he turns it around, proving that he supports Roderick. Spencer and Alistair are now a couple, and Alistair joins the Glee Club.


Sue nearly loses her mind catering to Myron’s every wish, and ends up snapping and attacking Will (Matthew Morrison), but the joke is on her: Myron’s uncle convinces Myron’s middle school to allow him to move up to high school so that Myron can join the New Directions. Only in the Glee universe would this ever be possible. The kid is super annoying, but he’s paying Kitty to be his friend, so he has an ally.


With only a few episodes left, the New Directions are up to eight of the twelve members they need to compete. I expect the old new members to show up any minute now to round out the group as Glee tries to make us care about the new new members enough to root for them to win at Sectionals.

Noticeably absent was Kurt (Chris Colfer), but one assumes he’s on his honeymoon with Blaine (Darren Criss, also absent), but it’s ok, since even Rachel (Lea Michele) took a backseat for the first time in recorded history for the episode.

Are we done yet?

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