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GOTHAM “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” Recap

Gotham absolutely continues to hit the mark as this season’s best new crime drama. Forget the heavy-handed Better Call Saul, Gotham is the show we should all be watching. This week’s episode entitled “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” harkens back to the pilot episode, recalling the incident where Gordon made his choice to take on Gotham’s criminal element head-on. This show is at best when it leaves the younger Bruce Wayne element on the back burner and not in focus, and this episode was no exception.

Gordon, with the help of Harvey Dent, is now pursuing Police Commissioner Loeb for all that he has done while in office at the GCPD. Loeb has dirt on every officer under his wing, and he’s been using that dirt to look the other way whenever Gotham’s criminal element is ready to be taken down for good. Gordon, of course, has had enough, and he sets out to end Loeb’s reign of tyranny at the GCPD, with decidedly mixed results. He is able to clear his partner’s ledger that involved a murder early in Bullock’s career (much like Gordon was expected to do with Cobblepot), but he could not do much else for his fellow officers. In the end, however, Gordon forced Loeb to make him Captain of the GCPD, and endorse him at a press conference in front of the entire city to see.


Meanwhile, The Penguin continues to work with Gordon and the GCPD, behind the back of Don Falcone, who has been in cahoots, of course, with Commissioner Loeb. And while Fish Mooney works her way up from the basement of an organ-selling stronghold, she meets the infamous Bat-villain, The Dollmaker. Gotham has cut back on the over use of the Bat-villains recently, and instead of giving them full episodes that only sometimes work (The Scarecrow), they get merely a scene or two to remind us that the Rogues Gallery is finally starting to come together.

Fans, are you still on board with Gotham?

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