Iron Man Everyday Cosplay Helps Prepare for AGE OF ULTRON

In honor of the new Age of Ultron trailer, I thought it would be fun to share some really cool Everyday Cosplay looks with you geeks leading up to the movie release!

So what is Everyday Cosplay? Essentially what it means is you take the color scheme of a character and build an outfit out of it using things in your closet or just normal store bought clothes. You pair the outfit with little accessories or nods to the character as well. You don’t need to sew or many anything AND you don’t need wigs! This isn’t your normal cosplay. This phenomenon has been a favorite among people who want to dress up as characters they like any time they want without it being a blatant costume. Disneybounding is the most popular form of Everyday Cosplay as Disney fans everywhere take to the streets everyday as a character or even spend a day in the park as well.

It’s just a fun way to play dress up while still looking normal!

So leading up to the release, there will be a post dedicated to each character of the film. Each post will have one I made for men and one for women just showing the options for both. These ideas are just my personal interpretation and are meant to be used as an inspiration to form your own Everyday Cosplay look!

First up, we’ve got the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist himself, Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Everyday Cosplay - Iron Man

When I build my Everyday Cosplay outfits, I like to try to build them in the general look of the characters costume. With Iron Man, he’s more red on top and gold/yellow on the bottom so that’s the look I went for with these.

For the tops I went with a nice button up for the men. A lot of men have been wearing button ups as general wear these days and less for JUST ‘fancy outings’ so I wanted to pull that in. For the women, I went with a flowy button up. Its more loose fitting and also a trend I have been seeing lately.

Both sides feature a yellow skinny pant as I felt that that style of pant would make the whole outfit feel more hip and modern as opposed to a more baggier fit.

As for the shoes, I could have easily chosen Converse for both because believe me…I would have. BUT I saw these really cute red ankle boots and thought “yes..that’s the one”. So while the mens side features my favorite kind of shoe, the womens has a more fashion forward style.

Now, I know when Tony is in his suit he doesn’t have much black on him but I wanted to pull both looks together with some black as to not leave you thinking you had to walk around looking like a McDonalds logo. Tony Stark, in the films, does wear a leather jacket sometimes SO there ya go. Plus, if you’re in the theater it will get cold so why not wear something functional too.
Lastly, both looks can be tied together with a nice pair of Tony-eqsue sunglasses (I chose ones with a yellow tint to bring in the gold/yellow from the suits face) and an Arc Reactor necklace. Fellas, if you’re not one for necklaces there are some rad artist out there who have made some amazing looking Arc Reactor rings!

And that’s it!
Everyday Cosplay is incredibly easy. If you’ve never cosplayed and thought about it before, now is your chance to dip a toe! This has been one of the gateway hobbies of many people I know who now do full blown cosplaying!

If you do end up doing it remember to just have fun with it!

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