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Frank Retires brings tensions between the gang to light. Strange alliances are attempted, made and broken. Blood is spilled, spurted and leaked. Arch personalities are unleashed and the most evil member of the gang is again revealed. In short this episode provides a great look at each individual member and their importance to the group.

A very deep hole appears in the Paddy’s Pub restroom at the beginning of this week’s It’s Always Sunny. While the gang stands around explaining what they have been doing to the hole Frank mentally checks out. The rest of the group notice and comment on his lack of interest in the hole and their ridiculous antics. Frank explains that he doesn’t care about the hole, the pub or any of it anymore. He officially retires on the spot.


While Frank heads off to enjoy retirement the rest of Paddy’s owners attempt to figure out who the new big boss of the pub is. They refer to blood signed document they find which states that whenever one of the owners of Paddy’s leaves the job (most likely from death) their shares of the business get passed on to the leaving employees first born. According to this rule the Dennis and Dee may be the new majority owner’s of Paddy’s. Charlie is quick to point out that they were both adopted by Frank while Charlie is very likely Frank’s son by blood. Mac not knowing who to side with but knowing that he will never get Frank’s shares continually swears allegiance Dennis, Dee and Charlie.

Eventually Charlie attempts to get some blood from Frank so he can complete a paternity test. Mac decides to help Charlie after accidentally informing him that he was going to play both sides. After accidentally taking too much blood from Frank while he sleeps Charlie and Mac get it to a doctors office. The test comes back inconclusive as the blood bucket Charlie used had some animal blood and multiple other humans blood. Mac rushes back to the pub to tell Dennis and Dee that he is playing both sides. Dennis and Dee had been discussing their planned changes to the pub when Dee began to do an arch voice, which of course really annoys Dennis. When Charlie finally arrives Dennis tells him they know the test was a failure.


Dennis orders Mac to remove Charlie from the bar and in a failed choke hold accidentally puts himself to sleep. Charlie heads back to the apartment to get more of Frank’s blood for another paternity test. Frank looks like death by this point with pasty white skin and white hair since he forgot to die it. Dee shows up and helps Charlie because she thinks Dennis is up to something. She is of course right and after Charlie determines that Dee was born before Dennis they both head back to Paddy’s. Once the whole gang is gathered again Dennis shuts down Dee’s claim to being first born revealing that he found Frank’s actual first born Franquito who’s mother is Frank’s former maid! Frank, who is delirious from blood loss and looks like he could die at any moment agrees with Dennis!


Having found his lost son Frank seems to liven up and decides that he is feeling sick because he retired. He comes out of retirement and states that Franquito will be his new number two. Dennis then reveals that Franquito is not Frank’s son but just some guy he met that looks like him. He had been using Franquito to skim money off of Frank for years! The rest of the gang gets upset with him but he simply distracts them with hole from the beginning of the episode. Dennis is the most diabolical of the group. Seeing all the gang members try to out smart each other to varying degrees of success is always great. This episode is no exception and brings on the laughs, mainly at Frank and Mac’s expense. A great penultimate episode for the season!


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