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Mac Kills His Dad pulls in one of the largest returning supporting casts this season to provide one of the most depressing episodes in many years. The episode opens with Mac, Dee and Dennis discussing the depressing state of the world while watching the news. They are clearly all down in the dumps about life. Frank shows up having purchased a bunch of brightly colored get happy clothes from the airport in an attempt lift his own spirits. Then the gang hears that Mac’s dad Luther has been incarcerated for suspected murder of a witness on the television. Mac immediately decides that he is going to save his father heading out to do so.

When Mac and Charlie visit his dad in jail it is clear that the career criminal wants nothing to do with them. Luther explains that has a lawyer lined up and makes it expressly clear that he does not want them stirring things up. Of course do not listen and head to the location of the crime. While at the scene they accidently threaten a possible witness who flees the scene. Mac and Charlie head back to the prison and learn that the other criminals heard about Mac’s threats. His father explains that the other prisoners are starting to think that he is a rat, and that is a death sentence on the inside. After checking the guest log the two head to see Luther’s last visitor, Charlie’s mom. After a hilarious and very disturbing conversation Charlie and Mac learn that Eduardo, another man they have been hearing about, is the murderer, not Luther!


Dennis, Dee and Frank are still at the bar when a gleeful Bill Ponderosa shows up dressed in a suit and bow tie. He lets the gang know that he is planning to kill himself! Perturbed by this Dennis asks Maureen Ponderosa to gather Bill’s family for them. The gang doesn’t want Bill to drink himself to death in their bar and decide to attempt to talk Bill’s family into lifting his spirits. Maureen, in a not too shocking reveal for long time fans, has had plastic surgery to increase her likeness to a cat! She is clearly no less insane than before. The rest of Bill’s family makes it crystal clear that they want Bill to kill himself. In a hilariously tragic scene Bill’s kids tell the gang that he has expressly told them that he does not love them and that he has tried to feed them drugs. Bill’s wife explains that they just want the money from the health insurance. Giving up on his family the gang attempts to cheer up Bill themselves. As their best efforts fail and they themselves become more depressed they decide to copy the Bill’s wife’s idea and take out a life insurance policy on Bill.


Charlie and Mac return to the bar and tell the gang about Eduardo. Mac explains that he can’t tell the police because that would make him a rat. Bill comes up with the plan to confess to the murder thus saving Mac’s father while giving up his own life. The whole gang accepts this as a great idea! While confessing to the police Bill has a change of heart and gives up Eduardo to the cops. Mac thinks that this makes him a hero and heads to tell his father! Of course Luther tells Mac that everyone in jail thinks he is a rat and are going to kill him. That is how Mac killed his dad! This was a great large cast episode of It’s Always Sunny with many returning characters and family members. With such a varying degree of personalities the jokes are all over the board, and it is great!

Did you get uncomfortable when Charlie was talking to his mom this episode?

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