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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ended it’s tenth season with Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult. The final episode seems to have bled straight out of the previous as Frank Retires ends with Dennis explaining how he had been tricking Frank out of money every year. In fact he nearly tricked Frank in to giving him the whole bar. Dennis continued his large scale manipulations in Ass Kickers United by creating the group and tricking Mac in to joining it. Mac had been eating all of Dennis’ thin mints and that cannot stand! Dee and Frank eventually learn the truth about the cult and want to use it to manipulate people for their own gains. Of course they are not the masterminds that Dennis is and fail. They just cannot seem to out manipulate Dennis and this season, like the last ended with someone on fire!


The tenth season pushed all of the characters further down the road to complete insanity. The first episode, focusing on the gangs drinking competition not only pushed their normal alcoholism but proved the shows ability to mix things up as Paddy’s Pub is not even seen in the episode. It is rare for the gang to not spend a good majority of an episode in their pub and even more rare for them to travel to another city. The second episode reminded viewers of just how inept the gang is at interacting with anyone but themselves. The Gang Group Dates was a hilarious romp in to the growing popularity of electronic dating services and rating systems.


There were multiple guest appearances and world building episodes. Keegan-Michael Key makes arguably the best guest appearance as a game show host while old favorites like Cricket and Mac’s Dad return as well. This season has proven that the gang is often acutely aware of messed up they are both as individuals and a group. Each member of the group seems to have a varying level of insight on the matter. Dennis is arguably the most aware, bringing up both the gang’s and his own shortcomings multiple times this season. Watching him attempt to overcome his short temper and rage issues created some of the best monologues for the show yet. Franks age and senile willingness to throw away his money is another frequent plot line but Frank Retires shines a new and hilarious light on just how old the man is. Dee’s awkwardness and Mac’s plain idiocy are both mentioned and focused on throughout the season as jokes and plot threads. Charlie is by far the most inconsistent character which is what seems to make him work so well.


Charlie is the wild card that he always wanted to be. Some episodes he seems dumb and aloof while in other such as Charlie Works he proves that he is likely the only member of the group who knows how the world works outside their little bar. Not only does he save the bar from being closed but he motivates and manipulates the rest of the gang (something a less egotistical Dennis would likely appreciate) in to helping him. Charlie Works works on so many levels (including the single shot homage to True Detective) that it is without a doubt the strongest episode this season. All the other episodes were solid but sometimes felt repetitious. Though most of the best moments come from the gang’s normal tendencies being accentuated such antics can begin to feel repetitive. As plot lines are generally forgotten by the beginning of the next episode the repetition can continue for too long. Longtime fans know what they are getting in to but the stagnation of characters that are so over the top and dumb will definitely be a turn off for some new viewers. The tenth season continued to do what the past nine did successfully while more often than not toying with some new ideas. As the world surrounding Paddy’s Pub continues to grow there is no doubt that both new and old fans will return for the season 11 premiere and hope for a year that can live up to season 10.

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