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IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “The Gang Goes on Family Fight” Recap

The Gang Goes on Family Fight pits the Paddy’s crew against another family in a show identical to Family Feud. This episode’s hilarious dialogue is supplemented by Keegan Michael Key as the host of the game show. Key (Key and PeeleMad TV) is no stranger to comedy and brings the annoyed but professional host Grant Anderson to life so well that viewers will surely be hoping for a future return of the character. Even though the game show is competitive the other family barely plays in to the narrative as the Gang is their own worst enemy.


Throughout the episode the Gang’s standard personal issues end up embarrassing (some of) them. Dennis and his need for adoring attention bleeds through his every action. His overwhelming need to always be right and the best are not ideal for a game show airing on national television. Nearly every answer he gives is incorrect. For each wrong answer given on the game show a buzzer goes off. This noise seems to not only cut into Dennis’ ears but his very being. He constantly complains about the noise but by the end of the episode is curled up on the floor crying!

Dee also winds up on the floor as she eventually faints from malnutrition. She had been starving herself to ensure that she looked good on the show. That sure worked out. In an attempt to be more like Jenny McCarthy Dee also says very inappropriate things on the show proving that she can be gross in every situation. The rest of the Gang have their own issues as Mac can’t figure the game out and references nearly every other famous game show on TV. Frank is just disgusting, lacking a normal person’s filter and just plain rude to the competition. Charlie is actually great on the show. This at first makes no sense as his answers are so absurd and yet, without fail correct! Charlie comes out ahead by the end of this episode, something not too common for the show.


By far the biggest loser of the game show was its host Anderson. Key’s acting is superb and his depiction of an increasingly frustrated game host is great to watch. The balance of professionalism and rage Key brings is more than hilarious and is a must see for any Key and Peele fans. Another funny, lighthearted and totally situational episode reminds long time viewers of what made this show great to begin with! With only a handful of episodes left this season the show continues to put out solid installments.

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