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Shut Up And Take My Money! 5 DVDs You Should Pre-Order Now

One of my favorite things about Amazon Prime is that I don’t have to pay for shipping for all of the things I order. Which means I can freely pre-order DVDs and Box Sets knowing that I don’t have to pay ridiculous shipping fees. No, this isn’t a post sponsored by Amazon, it is me telling you that I have a problem. That problem is pre-ordering stuff.

Here are my picks for the 5 DVDs and Box Sets you should pre-order right now.

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1. Parks & Recreation: The Complete Series – If you fell in love with this group of Pawnee residents then it only makes sense that you own this box set. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to re-live all the goodness that happened in this show? I know I do. Ron Swanson being available whenever you want? Yes please!

Release Date: June 2nd
Price: $120 for DVD

2.  What We Do In The Shadows – I am here for ANYTHING that Jemaine Clement is in. But when I first saw the trailer for this mockumentary about vampires, I knew I had to get in on this. It looks hilarious and I know that they were trying to get it to show in US theaters but I don’t think they managed. A DVD copy will have to suffice.

Release Date: May 19th
Price: $12 for DVD

3. The Babadook – I LOVE this movie. One of the more creepier horror films to come along in a while. I was shown the packaging for the Blu-Ray edition by fellow Agents of Geek writer Gladys and I knew right away I needed this. The packaging alone is gorgeous. BUT if you’ve seen the movie and loved it like I did, I say swoop it up for that reason too. If you haven’t, check it out first..then buy it. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Release Date: April 14th
Price: $18 for Blu-Ray, $14 for DVD

4. Jurassic Park Collection – Do I even need to explain why you should have this? I mean I know why *I* should have this. And it’s because I only own the first one on DVD but I want ALL of them on DVD. If you want to marathon these before the new one comes out, what better way? I mean it’s also good to have them on hand whenever you feel the urge to visit the park.

Release Date: May 12th
Price: $42 for Blu- Ray. $23 for DVD

5. The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy – I should have waited for this instead of buying the first two films but I didn’t and here I am. Wanting this. I will probably get it anyway. Get all three films in one complete set for a pretty decent price. The Blu-Ray version has more special features so I feel like it’s worth the money if you’re into the franchise. I honestly can’t wait for this! I want to have a marathon!

Release Date: March 24th
Price: $50 for Blu-Ray, $39 for DVD


Of course, there are tons of DVDs and Box Sets coming soon so make sure to check out the Amazon list of pre-orders so you can get your hands on the ones you want!

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