The 88 Vehicles of BACK TO THE FUTURE Make For One Amazing Piece of Art

Artist Scott Park has definitely proven he’s a fan of Back to the Future. After showing his kids the movies over the summer, an idea struck and many months later, Scott has now drawn and illustrated all 88 vehicles from all three Back to the Future movies into one tangible print. Now that’s pretty cool way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of best movie franchises of all time!

Here’s a bit more info on the print:

In honour of the 30th anniversary year of Back to the Future (and “the future” from BTTF 2), I give you my latest poster: 88 Miles Per Hour – The vehicles of the Back to the Future Trilogy. How many vehicles? Well, to paraphrase the legendary Dr. Emmett Brown: “When this baby gets up to 88 vehicles, you’re going to see so serious obsessive levels of illustration”. Oh. Did I mention that they’re all in order of their appearance in the films. Because they are.

tumblr_nkngmbbxL81std30ho1_500You can pick up a print of this amazing artwork for as low as $18 here.

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

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