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THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Colonization Application” Recap

Not much in the way of storyline progress in last week’s Big Bang Theory. Instead, the show split everyone up into their respective couples and we were treated to some alone time with everyone alongside their significant others. While on the surface it looked like a filler episode, the heart of “The Colonization Application” was far from fluff, and instead gave us more growth from everyone on the show.

While Leonard and Penny sought to display their love on an art canvas via full body paint, Howard helped Raj try and cover up the fact that he was snooping on Emily. While left alone in Emily’s apartment, Raj starts to peruse her bedroom, and effectively rips the front off of her nightstand drawer. Howard, ever the engineer, Skypes with his buddy and tries to rectify the situation, but Emily returns home and the cat’s out of the bag. Raj is busted, and while he and Emily have their first fight, Emily shows that she’s not above forgiving Raj, all the while continuing to feed him a line that she may or may not be a murderer. It’s nice to see more of the Emily character, especially if they continue with her sadistic sense of humor opposite Raj’s metrosexual personality.


But the big story this week was with Sheldon and Amy. This eighth season of The Big Bang Theory seems to be all about Sheldon finally coming of age, and last week’s episode explored again his commitment to Amy and their future together. While planning to purchase a turtle together, Sheldon reveals that he has applied to be one of the first human colonists on Mars via a private company who has mission plans in the works. Amy is horribly offended that Sheldon would choose to leave her behind after how far they’ve come. Sheldon navigates Amy’s emotions and they reconcile with the decision to reapply together, possibly being the first couple not only to procreate on Mars and produce the very first Martians, but also be the first couple to watch Mars Attacks on Mars.

Jim Parsons continues to remind us all why he has been worthy of his Emmy and Golden Globe wins for Best Actor in recent years. He breathes fresh life into the Sheldon character whenever the opportunity presents itself, a role that could’ve just as easily may never had been more than the stereotypical “fish out of water” character. Sheldon’s growth has taken center stage this season, and it’s about time.

Fans, how are you enjoying this eighth season of The Big Bang Theory?

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