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THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Leftover Thermalization” Recap

The Big Bang Theory continues its most excellent 8th season with “The Leftover Thermalization,” a more fitting “in-story” good-bye to Howard’s mother. While Leonard again suffers the fallout of including Sheldon in another scientific paper that he has authored, the rest of the gang hits up Howard’s old home to help him clear out his mom’s things following her funeral.

And it was a great episode. Another truly fond farewell for Mrs. Wolowitz, this time for her on-screen character as opposed to the actress who played her behind the scene for so many seasons. As Howard comes to grips with the fact he mother is gone for good, he is surrounded by his closest friends who all provide their support in the unique ways in which only they can. And as usual Sheldon ends up making the night about himself as he and Leonard struggle with a published paper that they co-authored in which only Sheldon is getting credit for.


The Big Bang Theory is on a roll with Howard’s story. Almost in parallel with Sheldon finally emerging from his shell this season, we see Howard growing up through the loss of his mother. We knew this is what it would take for the boy to become the man he was meant to be, but we certainly didn’t think it would be at the behest of his mother’s death, maybe more like him finally leaving Pasadena. What happens next is crucial: we learn a bit more about Howard’s family, and possibly an appearance by the father who left him so many years ago.

Fans, how did The Leftover Thermalization sit with you?

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