The Journey To THE FORCE AWAKENS Kicks Off with “Shattered Empire”

This past week has been Star Wars announcement after announcement after another and I’m not complaining a bit. First, we were told we’d get 20 books (Yes, 20 books!) to lead us into The Force Awakens. At first that news was overwhelming, but after learning more about it, it won’t be all novels. Basically, they’ll be one canon book for adults, while the rest will be YA, sticker books, comics, that kind of thing. Then after that we got news that the first Star Wars spin off would be titled, “Star Wars: Rogue One“. I’ll save all my thoughts and feelings about that for another post, (Hint: I’M EXCITED!), but today has brought us even more Star Wars related news!

The first cover for the upcoming comic book series, “Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens – Shattered Empire” was revealed. The art is done by Phil Noto is beautiful! This will be the first image of any of the connecting books to be released and while we don’t have any further info has to what the series will be about, we can assume it’ll pick up right where Episode III left off, given the cover. Who knows exactly, but I am so excited this a thing that is happening. “Shattered Empire“? I love it. I love it a lot.

SecretSWCvr-Noto1-ca165Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens – Shattered Empire is set to release in September later this year.

[Source: CBR]

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