Tim Burton is Directing a Live-Action ‘DUMBO’ Movie

Tim Burton just signed up to direct another Disney live-action remake where he’ll introduce a whole new generation to a baby elephant named Dumbo. This adds to the expanding collection of Disney’s live-action remakes of some of their most memorable stories.

If there’s one person to bring to life anthropomorphic characters to life, Tim Burton is a solid choice. His Alice in Wonderland adaptation (though incredibly flat in my opinion) brought in over $1 billion worldwide for the studio. The Walt Disney Pictures President of Production, Sean Bailey, said that Dumbo will be a combination of CGI and live-action actors. Considering humans took on mostly a background role in the original animated film, methinks the movie will go heavy on the CGI. Think Alice in Wonderland times 10.


Burton is no stranger to circus themes since most of his films sample a sort of macabre, circus-like element to them. There’s even a strong element in Batman Returns with Penguin’s story.

Sean Bailey further explains that the plan for Dumbo takes place in a “big world” where fans should expect to see much more than just watching Dumbo learning how to fly.

Dumbo is now the fourth upcoming project announced by Disney, joining their other live-action features — Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, and Cinderella, which premieres later this week.

There’s no target release date yet. I’m definitely curious to see how Tim Burton will pull this off visually, what story Disney decides to tell, and who will they pick to star in the film. Are you looking forward to watching this?

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