Weekly Pull List 3/11/2015: BATMAN, FABLES, HOWARD THE DUCK

Short but sweet weekly pull list today. A bunch of new series as well as some video game tie-ins for those cross-medium fanboys!

Batman-Arkham-Knight-1Batman Arkham Knight #1

DC Comics
Peter J. Tomasi (w)
Viktor Bogdanovic (a)

In the aftermath of the Arkham City Batman game Bruce Wayne is recovering from some severe injuries. As he tries to determine if Batman is still needed in Gotham a new foe appears. The Arkham Knight looks like he is just beginning his mission in Batman’s territory. This new mini-series is a in canon prequel to the upcoming Arkham Knight game. Fans of the Arkham game series should look here for some exclusive story beats.







Wolf-Among-03Fables The Wolf Among Us #3

DC Comics
Matthew Sturges (w)
Shaun McManus (a)

Bigby and Snow continue to uncover answers in the third issue of this comic book adaptation of the Telltale video games. As things start to heat up new Fables begin to appear!









Casanova-01Casanova Acedia #2

Image Comics
Matt Fraction (w)
Fabio Moon (a)

Things begin to heat up in Los Angeles with Quentin Cassady looking in to the mystery of Emil Boutique. The first issue of this series was a great read with great art. This superstar creative team is sure to continue bringing the fun with this series.








EastofWest-18East of West #18

Image Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)
Nick Dragotta (a)

This issue brings the story of Ezra Orion and the last days of the word. The apocalypse is wandering the earth. What is his goal? Does he even know what he is doing? Fans of Hickman’s current Marvel series or other Image series really need to be reading this epic tale.








Postal-02Postal #2

Image Comics
Bryan Edward Hill (w)
Isaac Goodhart (a)

With the cliffhanger ending to the last issue everything seems set to fall apart. Will a murder in a town full of criminals lead to anarchy or can the criminals keep their humanity and find the person responsible? As Mark begins his own search for answers he stumbles across something that changes everything he knew about the town.








Southern-Cross-01Southern Cross #1

Image Comics
Becky Cloonan (w)
Andy Belanger (a)

On a flight to the moon Titan mysteries begin to unfold around Alex Braith. As she looks for her missing sister things start to get weird. This new series mixes mystery and strange science fiction with a creepy twist!









Surface-01The Surface #1

Image Comics
Ales Kot (w)
Langdon Foss (a)

In Africa three hackers search Tanzania for a place that they think can change everything! With current and old problems that have plagued Africa finally gone what new problems are on the horizon and what does hacking have to do with them? Find out here in this beautifully rendered comic!









Howard-01Howard the Duck #1

Marvel Comics
Chip Zdarsky (w)
Joe Quinones (a)

Howard the Duck gets his own series. Written by Chip Zdarsky, the artist of Sex Criminals. Yeah, enough said. Check out this new comedy series.









Super short list this week. So many new series though! One from each of the big three publishers at least! Crazy.


Which new series are you most interested in?



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