Weekly Pull List 3/4/2015: DESCENDER, HAWKEYE, RAT QUEENS

This weekly pull list is just as well rounded as last week! This is a great time to look for some new series (both on-going and mini) as there seems to be a few first issues every week! Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Superhero and Fantasy! This week there is something for everyone!

Hellboy-04Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #4

Dark Horse Comics
Mike Mignola (w)
Alex Maleev (a)

After being blown up, dragged about by an oversized alligator in the sewer and finding a pile of dead bodies, could things really get worse for Hellboy on his first mission? Yes they can!








Lady-Killer-03Lady Killer #3 (of 5)

Dark Horse Comics
Joelle Jones (w/a)

As tensions between Josie’s home and professional life rise she is forced to push her boundaries and morals. Will she be able to complete her mission? Is this hit too much for her to deal with? Find out here!









Hinterkind-16Hinterkind #16

DC Comics
Ian Edginton (w)
Francesco Trifogli (a)

Psamira and her Skinling army continue their march as Severin’s reign ends far too soon for his liking. Prince Parsifal and Prosper Monday head out on their last-ditch effort to save Queen Telesche’s kingdom by awakening a dragon! Will the dragon be the answer to their prayers or burn everything to the ground?!







Names-07Names #7

DC Comics
Peter Miligan (w)
Leandro Fernandez (a)

Stoker finally answers some questions about his organization, the Names, while Katya continues her mission to finding the person who killed her husband. This mini-series is nearly over and has been a blast so far and with only a few issues left there are no signs of it slowing down!








Wolf-Moon-04Wolf Moon #4

DC Comics
Cullen Bunn (w)
Jeremy Haun (a)

Dillon continues to wage his war with the Wolf but a new player on the board has changed up the hunt. As Dillon hunts the Wolf he must attmept to steer clear of the other hunter who seems to be just as willing to kill both the Wolf and Dillon. The mysterious killer targeting the Wolf’s previous hosts is finally revealed!







Blackcross-01Blackcross #1

Dynamite Entertainment
Warren Ellis (w)

Colton Worley (a)

Blackcross is a town in the Pacific Northwest of America. It has secrets. More secrets than a town should. As something is reaching out from the beyond things go from bad to worse. This series is a spinout of the Project Superpowers series. With Ellis writing this book is sure to be both upsetting and awesome!







Black-Science-12Black Science #12

Image Comics
Rick Remender (w)
Matteo Scalera (a)

With the very Eververse at the brink of destruction can the Dimensionauts stop trying to find their way home and save everything? I do mean EVERYTHING! The beginning of the second year for this hit series is finally here and it starts with a bang!








Descender-01Descender #1

Image Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Dustin Nguyen (a)

Tim-21 wakes up from a decade long nap to learn that everything he knew has changed! This space adventure story about a boy and the galaxy that is trying to find him feature the amazing water color art of Dustin Nguyen and the writing talents of Jeff Lemire! This series has already been green lit for a movie adaptation and has all the makings of a huge success! Be sure to buy a copy of the first issue if you can!






Nameless-02Nameless #2

Image Comics
Grant Morrison (w)
Chris Burnham (a)

On the moon. At an abandoned moonbase from the Cold War era a key is used to open a box. Will humanity survive the coming asteroid collision or is all hope lost? The first issue was a wonder to behold! The superstar creative team work so well together it is unsettling. Be sure to pick up this issue and the first (for those that missed it) if you have ever been a fan of Morrison or Burnham. They are both at the top of their game here!






Rat-Queens-09Rat Queens #9

Image Comics
Kurtis J. Wiebe (w)
Stjepan Sejic (a)

The long wait is over! With the new ever talented and insanely prolific Stjepan Sejic taking over art duties this book has never looked better! As the climatic end to cities invasion begins who will the Rat Queens turn to for help? Will it be enough? Find out here!! I am way too excited about this book!!







All-New-Hawkeye-01All New Hawkeye #1

Marvel Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Ramon K. Perez (a)

Lemire makes his Marvel debut featuring art by the Eisner award winner Perez! As Clint Barton and Kate Bishop reunite things get tricky. As a generation spanning adventure ensues things start looking…interesting for everyone’s favorite archers! This is history in the making! Lemire fans, this is a must buy.







Leia-01Princess Leia #1

Marvel Comics
Mark Waid (w)
Terry Dodson (a)

After the Death Star is destroyed where did Leia go? What does a ruler do when she no longer has a planet to rule? Find out here!










Two new series from Marvel and one from both Dynamite and Image! With two new series from Jeff Lemire! What a good day to be a Sweet Tooth fan!

Which new series are you most excited for?

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