If you’re anything like me, you just might binge watch the entire season of Daredevil when it premieres on Netflix this Friday.

Also, if you’re anything like me you might be planning to probably do nothing but eat while you do it. I love food..but I also love themed foods. As someone who spend a good while (and continues to from time to time) creating fandom themed foods, the thought of having devil oriented foods during the watching is most appealing.

I have searched the web to bring you 5 devil foods and snacks that you can make for your very own day long premiere party (if you’re having one) or your solo binge watch.

chocolate mix waffles


So you’re waking up and you know you want to start your binge watch immediately. But first, you need some sustenance. Maybe you’ve got your party planned and your guests will be there in the morning to get the party going. This recipe for Devil’s Food Cake Waffles will get you going. They’re made out of DFC cake mix from the box so you don’t really need much! Assuming you have a a waffle maker. If not, try this recipe for pancakes instead! Just replace the cake mix in the recipe with DFC instead.

deviled eggs


At around the 3rd or 4th episode mark it might be time for some snackage. You cant go wrong with the classic Deviled Eggs! I personally love deviled eggs. They’re small enough to be snacks but also if you eat enough can be as filling as a meal. I found this recipe here but there are loads of recipes all over the web that you can use.




Now finding a devilish recipe for a nice filling dinner was hard. BUT I did manage to find something that I think is generally loved all around. Curry! You can put just about anything in a curry and being a vegetarian I would love to try this recipe in vegetarian form. This curry is appropriately named Devil’s Curry and looks like it would be the right amount of spicy!



Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. It also is majority of my meals of the day. Why not whip up some more devil’s food cake goodness in the form of cupcakes that are decked out to look like little devil’s? Chocolate and spice go hand in hand so after that spicy dinner, a sweet chocolaty dessert is just what you need!




No party or binge watch is complete without some alcohol. If you’re 21+ of course.¬†This is a Devil Cocktail and it’s got cayenne pepper in it to give it a kick. It’s brandy based so if you’re not a fan of brandy I would consider finding another option. You also don’t have to have a cocktail but I included it for the sake of having one on the list for people who like mixed drinks.

If you cook all of these ahead of time (minus the breakfast) you wont have to spend any time in the kitchen save for reheating the dishes that need to be warm. You can spend all your time in front of your T.V. or computer with some delicious foods and that’s it.

I personally might be trying for those waffles/pancakes and the deviled eggs because yuuum!

What are you plans for the Daredevil release? Are you going to have a party? Binge watch it solo? Let us know!

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