Albany Toy Show 2015

This past weekend I attended the Albany Toy Show. It’s a lot like the Albany Comic Con, but smaller – it’s really just the merch room. The items at the tables however are mostly toys and comics. A lot of things there were collectibles I hadn’t seen before, or ones that I knew were harder to find. It’s a small convention and basically just a shopping experience with a few guests, but there were some cosplayers and it was only $5 to get in. I picked up a few good things, a ninja turtle figure and two Funko Pop Vinyl figures I didn’t know existed. The atmosphere is nice, everyone is friendly and I’d say the turnout was maybe a couple hundred people. I like it not too crowded! One new thing I noticed about the show was the appearance of Cosplay is Not Consent posters everywhere – more and more cons I go to are spreading the good word about that.

The Albany Comicon is always good, though I have judged it harshly for being so tiny in the past. If you are ever in the area I recommend checking it out, the website is and the next one is on June 7th. 🙂


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