Everyday Cosplay: The Incredible Hulk

Age of Ultron is on it’s way and for weeks leading up to the film we’ve been sharing some Everyday Cosplay looks that you can whip up to wear to the premiere. If you’re new to the series, you can check out the previous Avengers looks as we’ve already done Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Last but certainly not least we’ve got the always angry hero himself, Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. I don’t know about you, but Mark Ruffalo’s take on Bruce is probably one of my favorites to date. He knows how to portray not only the angry Hulk but the skeptical burdened (with glorious purpose?) Bruce.

Anyway, lets get to the look shall we?


Everyday Cosplay: The Hulk


For The Ladies
For this look I decided that I wanted to draw from Bruce’s look that he sported in the Avengers film when he wore that tan suit with the purple button up underneath. I thought that it would be better than slapping an all green attire up there with little purple.
I chose a tan skirt (I think a circle skirt would also be cute here) and a purple polo style shirt. If you’re okay with full button up shirts then you can easily pair the skirt with one of those too. For the nods to the green skin I chose a green hat and some green bracelets. If you’re wanting to add a cover up with this outfit then I recommend a tan cardigan or green if you want more green in your outfit!
If you’re wanting to add some Hulk inspired accessories I would check Etsy for handmade ones!
For The Men
For this look I went with a simple blue jean that was distressed (the more distressed and ripped the better) to simulate the Hulks pants when they’re shredded up. I also did a purple t-shirt to pull in the purple from his Avengers Bruce look and then for the specks of green I paired everything with green Converse and a green Hulk hat. You don’t HAVE to go with the hat if you’re not wanting a blatant display of who you’re dressed up as but it’s an option.
So we’re all wrapped up with the Avengers team but we’ve still got two more weeks until the movie premieres so that means I can still create looks for two more characters from the film! If you have any suggestions on who I could create looks for, tweet them at me @likegwenstacy!

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