Everything We Know about STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE (So Far)

Star Wars Celebration set ablaze a whirlwind of emotion and excitement when they revealed Star Wars: Rogue One. We knew of its existence, but after seeing the teaser this weekend, it suddenly became a real thing.

Before Celebration, we already knew that Felicity Jones has the lead role, that Ben Mendelsohn is being considered for a part, that someone OTHER than John Williams (Alexandre Desplat) is doing the score, that Chris Weitz is doing some work on the script originally developed by Gary Whitta, and that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, 2014) is the director.


So what else did we learn from the Celebration? A whole lot more: 

1) Rogue One and other future “spinoffs” are being referred to as anthology films officially, according to producer Kathleen Kennedy.

2) Having standalone films was part of George Lucas’ idea. He wanted to explore different stories in Star Wars universe, and even introduce new characters and places, while still keeping the original feel of the first films intact.

3) Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) made the Rogue One teaser. Actual shooting for the film hasn’t even started yet. The narrator in the teaser is Obi-Wan’s voice (in case you weren’t already aware).

4) Rogue One takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. Director Gareth Edwards noted that the film “maybe a little bit more towards IV.”


5) The official synopsis of Rogue One: “A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans.”

6) Because this movie takes place after Episode III, and therefore after Order 66, Rogue One will have almost no Jedi. Normal people without access to the Force are all that’s left to step up against the Empire and save the galaxy.

7) Rogue One is set in the same time period as the animated series Star Wars Rebels. There are no official plans for a crossover, but the potential is there. (Um…YES PLEASE)

8) It’s all about the shades of grey. Edwards wants the film to feel grounded and believable (on a human scale, perhaps), saying “It’s hopefully going to feel very natural and subjective.” In other words, there will be no definite good guys, and not definite bad guys.


9) Rogue One’s creative team: Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty) is the director of photography, Neil Corblud (Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan) is VFX supervisor, and Neil Lamont and Doug Chiang are production designers. They’re not kidding about putting the wars in “Star Wars.”

10) Filming for Rogue One is scheduled to start in the late summer in the UK as well as other locations around the world. They are in pre-production now.

11) Rogue One was one of the first pitches she heard when she came on board with Lucasfilm. John Knoll from ILM pitched the original idea to Kennedy and Lucasfilm’s vice president of development Kiri Hart.

I’m certain we’ll not see it in this film, but one of these standalone movies (or even Star Wars Rebels) better feature Starkiller as Vader’s secret apprentice, but maybe not as overpowered as he was in the Force Unleashed games. Just sayin’…

Anyway, I am very excited that we’ll actually get to have a Star Wars movie with little to no Jedi presence. The potential was always there (it was the original concept for The Clone Wars animated series), but hardly anyone saw the galaxy beyond those who could use the Force and wielded lightsabers.

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