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Gotham “Under The Knife” Recap

“There’s a line, Selina…the fact is, I will never cross it.” – Bruce Wayne

“I guess that’s where we’re different then.” – Selina Kyle

Gotham is a show that has grown by leaps and bounds in its inaugural season. What began as a forced effort to bring the early days of Bruce Wayne in Gotham City to television has blossomed into a fun, intriguing look at the boy who would be Batman. I admit, I was not on board early on with the story of Bruce and Selina Kyle on Gotham, but it is starting to pay dividends as we enter the final episodes of season one.

As Bruce and Selina continue to process Selina’s killing of Alfred’s turncoat friend Reggie last week, they attend a Wayne Foundation gala where the lines of their relationship are flushed out, a understanding that will echo for them both for decades to come.

And as Gordon and Bullock continue to hunt The Ogre serial killer, Barbara returns to the fold as his next victim. Milo Ventimiglia is making for a fun villain, but this storyline is borderline cliche with it’s reveal at the episode’s end that The Ogre is also a poor man’s Christian Grey. Not so fun.


Meanwhile The Penguin has set plans in motion to take Don Maroni’s life in order to court favor with Gotham’s lead crime boss, Carmine Falcone. And adding fuel to the fire, Maroni sets his sights on Penguin’s mother, revealing to her that her son is a killer. Penguin comes unglued, and the stage is finally set for Penguin to make his rise to power.

Also this week: Edward Nygma commits his first murder, and seemed to enjoy it. Gotham really is full steam ahead towards the season finale, literally with all guns a-blazing.

Fans, are you ready to see how Gotham Season One comes to a close?

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