Pre-Order The Her Universe x Marvel Collection Now!

Fangirls everywhere assemble!

The new collection from Her Universe and the winners of last years SDCC Geek Couture Fashion Show is ready for pre-order! Ashley and the winning designers teamed up with Marvel to give us ladies a retro style collection that appeals to the masses.

You can order the collection now at Hot Topic and I highly advise you to use that Hot Cash you’ve been saving! Fellow agent Gladys let me snag some of her Hot Cash and I got the Black Widow dress for a whopping half off!

Check out the collection below and head over to Hot Topic before they sell out!


Black Widow Jacket

Black Widow Jacket $64.50-$68.50

Tony Stark Bomber 2 Tony Stark Bomber 1

Stark Industries Bomber Jacket $54.50-$58.50

Loki Dress


Loki Halter Dress $59.50-$63.50

Captain America Dress

Captain America Halter Dress $59.50-$63.50

Thor Dress

Thor Sailor Dress $59.50-$64.50

Black Widow Dress

Black Widow Dress $44.50-48.50

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