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The Big Bang Theory “The Fortification Implementation” Recap

Last week The Big Bang Theory continued its growth of the Sheldon Cooper character with an episode that saw Sheldon take part in his very first sleepover. Ever the genius when it comes to book smarts, but ever the child when it comes to human relationships, Sheldon has seen this 8th season of shows serve as his coming out party. And it’s about time.

Also last week The Big Bang Theory treated us to more of Howard’s healing following the death of his mother. Howard learned that he has a half-brother by way of his long-estranger father. And what’s really interesting about this development is that it could initially be setting the stage for fans, and Howard, to finally meet his Dad after all these years. I can’t think of a better way to continue the heartwarming arc that Howard, and Bernadette, have become these past several seasons than for Howard to try and come to terms with his feelings for his father.


But Sheldon continues to “push the envelope” with Amy’s help, as she sneaks her way into a sleepover with him after they build a blanket fort in the living room of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment: which is another fitting location for a huge next step in the evolution of Sheldon Cooper.

Fans, how have you enjoyed the eighth season?

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