After a few weeks break the Weekly Pull List is back! Not a particular long one this week but it is filled with some great issues, conclusions to arcs, first issues and events beginning!

Hellboy-BPRD-05Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #5

Dark Horse Comics
Mike Mignola (w)
Alex Maleev (a)
Hellboy finally comes face to face with the man behind the Portuguese facility! As he goes head to head with his first major villain/Nazi will all of Hellboy’s friends survive? I don’t know but am excited to find out!









Lady-Killer-04Lady Killer #4

Dark Horse Comics
Joelle Jones (w/a)

After the events of issue #3 Josie is the target on the run. Will her morals be the end of her? Will anyone help her? She struggles to survive in this sure to be epic and action packed issue!










Convergence-01Convergence #0

DC Comics
Dan Jurgens (w)
Ethan Van Sciver (a)

The Multiverse comes crashing together in Convergence! This is it, the event that ties every DC story together! For many DC fans this will be a must have, for others this will be just another event reset. Either way there are going to be some interesting stories for fans of all eras and heroes!








Hinterkind-17Hinterkind #17

DC Comics
Ian Edginton (w)
Francesco Trifolgi (a)

The war between the Sidhe and Skinlings takes off and the coast is set aflame! John Hobb and Prosper continue their journey to wake their only hope, the sleeping dragon! I personally can’t wait to see Trifolgi’s interpretation of the world’s last dragon.








Names-08Names #8 (of 9)

DC Comics
Peter Milligan (w)
Leandro Fernandez (a)

Katya comes face to face with the Psycopath Tara while Philip gets lost in his desire to understand the Dark Loops! Things are starting to get even crazier as the series is coming to a close and it is looking more like not everyone is going to make it out alive!








Wolf-Moon-05Wolf Moon #5

DC Comics
Cullen Bunn (w)
Jeremy Haun (a)

Learn just who Cayce is and what could change her from a loving wife and mother to werewolf hunter. The hunt takes Cayce and Dillon to West Virginia as the mad man hunting wolf victims seems to be reaching his end goal!








Wonder-Woman-06Wonder Woman Vol. 6 Bones HC

DC Comics
Brian Azzarello (w)
Cliff Chiang (a)

The final volume of the acclaimed Azzarello and Chiang run is here! Wonder Woman and the First Born fight in a battle for supremecy and rule of the Gods!

Collects Wonder Woman #30-35 and part of Secret Origins #6









Black-Science-13Black Science #13

Image Comics
Rick Remender (w)
Matteo Scalera (a)

As the Dimensionauts continue their mission, attempting to leave good things in their wake they arrive on a planet where plaque infested society is going to burn them at the stake!









Dying-Dead-02The Dying and the Dead #2

Image Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)
Ryan Bodenheim (a)

The team is assembled for one last mission! Can the Colonel and his crew do something right before they leave this world behind? This series is just starting and already a guaranteed hit!









Last-Padawan-01Kanan the Last Padawan #1

Marvel Comics
Greg Weisman (w)
Pepe Larraz (a)

This new series follows Kanan before he became the cocky character he is in Star Wars Rebels. His journey begins here as a Padawan when the Clone Troopers turn on the Jedi!









With yet another major event in the workings from DC and the upcoming Secret Wars in Marvel’s future are you excited for the future of the Big Two Publishers or burned out?

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