This week features a few first issues, one from a publisher that has never before been on the Weekly Pull List! Be sure to check out all the DC Convergence variations and two-shot titles that will not be listed here because of the sheer amount of them!

Archie-vs-Predator-01Archie Vs Predator #1

Dark Horse
Alex De Campi (w)
Rich Koslowski (a)

The title says it all. Archie goes head to head with Predator! While on a trip to Costa Rica Archie and the gang are hunted by the galaxy’s number one hunter. Who will live? Who will die? Fans of Afterlife with Archie should check out this new series from Dark Horse.









Eight-03Eight #3 

Dark Horse
Rafael Albuquerque (w/a)

Nila and Joshua work to convince the rebel council that all their survival hinges on them taking up arms against the Tyrant. In a past long forgotten Dr. Hamm attempts to survive in prehistoric surroundings. This series highlights Albuquerque’s amazing art and is a must have for any of his fans! I have trouble putting down each new issue!









Convergence-2Convergence #2

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Carlo Pagulayan (a)

As Telos continues to fight the heroes of Earth 2 things are heating up. Thomas Wayne and Dick Grayson find the pre-Flashpoint Gotham City! As seen on the amazing cover by Ivan Reis Thomas and Bruce Wayne come face to face! Will this meeting be better than when Thomas met his son from Earth 2? Will Bruce believe this man is his father? Batman fans, this is a must read! While the Bats meet Alan Scott connects to the Green while the Future’s End Cyborgs fight the heroes of Just Imagine Universe!







Earth-2-vol-05Earth 2 HC Vol 05 The Kryptonian

DC Comics
Tom Taylor (w)

Nicola Scott (a)

Val-Zod makes his appearance on Earth! Can the other heroes convince them to join their cause and stop Kal-El? This series is one of the breakout hits of the New 52 and is a must have for fans of the original Green Lantern and Flash!










Chrononauts-02Chrononauts #2

Image Comics
Mark Millar (w)
Sean Murphy (a)

Quinn and Reilly have succeeded in their mission to become the first time travelers. As things often go with first times though their plans have begun to crumble! In response to their miscalculations they end up going time-hopping on an adventure of their own making. As the team traverses time they come in contact and against history’s supreme evil! Meanwhile back in their native timeline their employers work to bring the rogue travelers back home. The first issue of this series was an immediate blast and left readers with a cliff hanger. If you missed out on this series you need to get up get out to your local comic store and get issue one and two this week!






Fade-Out-05The Fade Out #5

Image Comics
Ed Brubaker (w)
Sean Phillips (a)

After a long break this amazing hit series is finally back! This issue begins the second act right where the first left off. Can the people looking to uncover Valeria Sommers’ killers complete their goals and make it out alive? Packed with bonus material at the back this issue is a great point to start reading the series as it follows directly after the first trade collection!








Moon-Knight-02Moon Knight TPB Vol 02 Dead Will Rise

Marvel Comics
Brian Wood (w)
Greg Smallwood (a)

With his city plunged into total darkness by an unknown threat Moon Knight uses all of his personalities and weapons to fight a new foe. As his actions become publicly seen and posted to the internet things start to change for the broken hero. This series has turned the regular super hero antics on their head and is a must read for fans of the recent Hawkeye run!








Bloodshot-Reborn-01Bloodshot Reborn #1

Valiant Entertainment
Jeff Lemire (w)
Mico Suayan (a)

Jeff Lemire continues his work with Valiant Entertainment focusing on Bloodshot! As Valiant’s un-killable warrior tries to find his path in a self imposed exposed exile while he deals with the fallout of his violent and tormented past! The Valiant relaunch has been great fun to read with a wide variation in style. This is a perfect place for fans of the superhero genre to jump into this expanding universe!








Like last week I did not list all of the Convergence series as their are too many but fans of older DC Comics be sure to check them out at your local store! People looking for a less restricted superhero universe be sure to pick up Blooshot Reborn!

Have you ever read a Valiant Entertainment title? Which is your favorite?

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